Arrogant Game Recap: Stanford

Hey, how bout that ride in?  I guess that’s why they call it the Weekender…

It’s funny.  People think writing a post following a rough loss must be somehow brutal for me.  Just to clear it up if this in fact is my last season of covering the team in this manner, writing these posts isn’t hard.

I’d much prefer to write after a win, but in the end, as a Trojan, I’ve learned how to win and not flip out after a loss.  When we lose, it becomes so painfully obvious how few of our opponents know how to win.  Many of them act like a home schooled kid his first night getting drunk and seeing a naked girl.  Cue the mental pictures.

What I typically see is a sea of people who confuse my blog for ESPN jump to the comments section after the fact and talk a lot of shit.  I am all for shit talking, but there is nothing more pathetic in sports than holding your tongue until you know you have won and then foaming at the mouth.

If that was my life strategy, I wouldn’t have worked at great agencies or landed a beautiful wife.  Someone else would have claimed the job or my wife because history favors those who speak up.  It’s okay to be wrong.  Arrogance in victory and arrogance in defeat.  Arrogance by my definition, which could mean anything from teasing another school for the benefit of a more fired-up game experience or taking a loss in stride.  Nothing is getting to me.  It’s not the oncology unit.  I don’t trip out.

Let’s get this straight.  I put my ass out there every week and predict a USC win.  Statistically, USC won’t win every game.  I put myself out there because I don’t care what happens, I love USC.  It doesn’t matter what you think, that’s the charm (or thing you hate) about this blog in the fall.  It’s only for the indoctrinated or those that can take a joke.

A loss to Texas in the Rose Bowl, an anomaly of 4 straight losses to Stanford, hell, a loss to UCLA that costs us a spot in the title game…  These things don’t matter half as much as the fact that come Thursday, I am going to be making fun of Cal.

Speaking of this game specifically, hats off to Stanford.  It needed to be a drag race and for a variety of reasons, it became a trench war.  They say styles make fights and we got forced to fighting the way The Farm wanted to.

They were successful in keeping the game close in a first half where they basically had one play which resulted in the lion’s share of their offense.  They never abandoned the run, made some clutch plays in space and despite finding new ways to miss FGs, they won by a touchdown.

It was obvious the lack of Khaled Holmes murdered us.  Cyrus Hobbi has a long way to go and I believe he’ll get there.  Stanford is not short on D-Line and LB talent and they exploited the redshirt freshman all day.

I think with our captain on the line in there, Barkley is on his ass less and we probably score more.  But we didn’t, and that’s that.

I’m also sure that having a kicker capable of a FG attempt would have helped as well, but it’s not the Bearfighter’s style to sit here and complain.  We lost, I am taking my lumps and ready for next week.

I always used to say we play for Rose Bowls and anything else is gravy.  We lost to ASU last year way worse than this and we’d have gotten a chance to play for a Rose Bowl berth without sanctions.  And we lost TWICE before the end of the year.  Plenty to play for.  Stanford needs to worry about winning the North.  We need to focus on winning the South.  That’s that.

Now, as I mentioned, way way after the fact, some haters flooded my comments section and I felt like I best address them before I go back to being handsome.

Let’s be clear, I’m taking nothing away from Coach Shaw or the team.  They won that game.  I’d love another shot at them with a healthy center.  Hell, without a healthy center.  I’d love another round.  Maybe we’ll get it, but for real, good on you Cardinal.  Big win for the agency.

That said…

After going through the comments, I am going to make an assumption based on Stanford’s “fans”, or the townies who flooded the board.  I can only assume they aren’t students, because I’ve always held Stanford in high regard academically.  These posters felt a bit like those kids you know who grew up in Southern California but didn’t get into UCLA, but still root for the team.  I don’t bother arguing sports with them, certainly not a rivalry they don’t belong to.

So, in no particular order, let me address the bulk of the comments and know that once I am done, I’m done with you unless we meet in the Pac 12 title game.  My focus now is on Cal.

How on earth can you be proud of a stadium that was cut by like 25,000 seats so it didn’t always look empty.  That’s like liposuction for school spirit.  Don’t tell me you love your football team when the biggest athletic moneymaker in collegiate sports is football and you are GETTING RID of seats.  And before someone mentions the “waning” attendance during sanctions, our waning attendance would have filled up your old stadium.  The Raider fans just weren’t showing up.

First and foremost.  There’s a word for people who don’t put their asses on the line until after the fact.  Since that word is inappropriate I am going to sub in “cowards”.  Farm, look.  I dig you supporting your team, but at least be like the Ducks and back it up before the game.  I got one tweet from someone talking smack before the game (you know who you are) and I said I’ll be here writing this if he was willing to read it in a loss.  Here I am.  That guy was cool.

The rest of you that flooded my site AFTER winning without so much as a peep before, you are fairweather fans, the antithesis of what this blog is about and I am responding to you in hopes you understand and do your school proud like your actual football team did.

I always say act like you been there before and well, it boggles the mind that after so much recent success in this “rivalry” that you still haven’t learned how to win.

To that point.  For everyone calling out my predictions, bear in mind two weeks ago I predicted USC would win over Hawaii who would score “double rainbow”.  I’m not ESPN, I am a USC fan blog (and only during USC football season).  Let’s keep it real.  Since I started doing coverage, I’ve predicted USC would win every game.  That won’t change.  I’m not a news source.  I’m a source for arrogance.  If you don’t see ESPN.COM at the top of the page, realize the point of my blog is to have fun with this.  You guys give back points off the board to my readers by looking so silly on here.

To those talking about how Stanford’s program has overtaken ours now…  Guys.  UCLA won 8 games in a row at one point.  I don’t think they are confused who wears the pants.  Dominate us for a couple decades and then make the argument.  As it stands, the lifetime series is at 59-28-3 (not sure if that counts Saturday).  For reference, you will need to win 20 more in a row to knot this up.  Many of you will be dead by then even if that happened.  It’s not ancient history.  I don’t even remember the wins we had over you when I was in school and I am not even 30 years old yet.  They weren’t important games.  By all means enjoy your success, but realize you got a long way to go before we start comparing programs unless we’re talking the last half decade, which I concede the obvious.  You’ve won the football games.  Derp.

The new female Tree is creepier than the non-female tree.  Your mascot got a sex change and no one said anything.  I just want facts.  Non sequitur, I know.  I just feel like we’re being lied to.

When you say things like “you lost to a bunch of nerds”, you are making fun of yourselves.  Winners don’t do that.

I was asked if yesterday was “the right time” to rush the field.  No.  It still was not.  Ranked teams shouldn’t rush the field at home against ranked teams.  It makes you look weak.  I wouldn’t rush the field unless the bleachers were on fire.  It’s cute to rush the field if you are Appalachian State and you knock Michigan off.  If you are winning for the fourth time in a row, it’s not a big enough upset to explain the fandemonium.  It’s like celebrating with a touchdown dance after you hook up with your wife.  You’ve been getting the best of us lately.  It feels weird you get so excited and shocked you rush the field.

Coach Shaw’s shirt was an embarrassment to clothing.  It reminded me of the shirts the asshole clique wore in Mean Girls.  Like, the shirts that had “Princess” written in shiny fabric on them.  Hell of a coach, dressed like a teenage girl. I feel like Tiger Woods would lend him a reasonable polo to wear.

Many of the posters commented after the game and in the morning.  This means they weren’t partying, were reading my blog at a party (get off my jock) or woke up not hung over from partying.  All of that is fine, except you rushed the field.  If the win was so unexpected and bat-shit radical that you rushed the fucking field, you should have been getting down with coeds, running naked through the hills of Palo Alto and drunk dialing everyone.  Otherwise, don’t rush the field.   It’s one or the other.

Either way, if I wasn’t reading my comments last night, why on Earth were you on my site?  It just made me feel bad for you.  Instagram was filled with bummed out Trojans, sure, but two hours later they were hammered at bars in SF with attractive people.  Sports are a metaphor for life.  When life gives us lemons, we make lemonade and pour vodka in it.  When life hands you lemons, you rush the field.

Let me make it clear.  We’re never going away.  You hate us for the arrogance that wins against us do not change our opinion.  That is correct.  This did nothing.  We’ve lost plenty of “heartbreakers”, but what of it?  What makes us so universally disliked by opposing fans is that our backs never, ever break.  Sanctions?  Whatever.  Tough loss, whatever.  We are the epitome of SoCal.  Everything you hate about us we love about us.

I am rooting for us both to win out so we can punch you in the face in the Pac 12 Championship.  How can I say that after just losing to you?  Because I went to USC, it’s not about logic, it’s about the fact that no matter what our minds never get changed.

It may sound Tea Party to you, it may sound like drinking the Kool-Aid…  You’re right.  It’s Tea flavored Kool-Aid, we spiked it and we’re making fun of you for thinking a win or string of wins means anything beyond us saying “nice game, can’t wait to beat you next time”.  Until you create a delta of 20+ wins on us, that won’t change (and probably won’t even if you did).  Our superpower is not giving a fuck.

We’re psychopaths.  I thought you read the memo.  We’re named the Trojans because of a game we lost, a game where we fought so hard they likened us to the mythological Trojans who never said die, EVEN WHEN THEY ALL DIED.  Is this starting to make sense?  You will never get through to us.  If you are even reading this, we just won.  This is a USC blog, why are you even here?

If you are a Trojan reading this…  Hey, what’s up.  You’re good looking.

See you Thursday for the AGP for Cal.  If you are a Farm reader and still here (what is wrong with you, call a friend already), good luck.  Here’s hoping you win out and we do.  We owe you a punch in the face and believe me, we’ll wait forever to do it whether that makes sense to you or not.  It’s cool, we don’t get why you rush the field so much.



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  1. Damn right! I love that our loss is so important to other teams. When others lose, I could care less. I’m a Trojan and the fact that our wins and losses have an effect on others lives just makes me feel all warm inside.

    Looking forward to punching some bears this week.


    The past is the past. Fight the Fuck On! Fuck the bears!

  3. Why are you the best. Why. Whyyy.

  4. Sunshine

    This was an amazing blog…It made me laugh and it made me love being a Trojan even more.

  5. gretch78tmb

    They rushed the field because it is the easist way to leave the stadium. Love your arrogance. FTFO.

  6. RufusRex

    I hoped you would talk about how arrogant that 4th & 19 was – especially when Stanford later tried to kick on a 4th and goal, and missed the kick…

  7. TrojanInBama

    What’s worse are “fans” who think a loss at the beginning of the season means we’re done. I say, don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out. We are Alumni. When someone out here in Alabama asks me if I am a USC fan, I say “Worse, I am Alumni”. We could be as bad as Auburn, and I’d still be wearing my USC apparel around here in SEC country as a big FU to them all. We are here. We WILL win. We are, after all, SC. Let us focus on what we do best next game: killing bears.

    • Suz

      #FTFO, love your arrogance. Having been to your neck of the woods in football season, stand strong! My plates have said SC NO 1 since 1993 and every day I believe we are #1 in every sport and every thing.

  8. Keith (@Envius023)

    and there we are……..


  9. “If you are a Trojan reading this… Hey, what’s up. You’re good looking.” Thanks. I needed that. 🙂 Great post, as always.

  10. Brian N., Proud Trojan

    It ALWAYS feels great to be a Trojan, win or lose. The reason we don’t rush the field every time we win is because Trojans are rushing the metaphorical field of life every single day. We’re always winning. We’re used to it — it’s a part of life.

    No matter what, Fight On!!!

  11. Kevin

    Trojans always fight on #FTFO!

  12. Jimmy

    FTFO, Zack. I think your posts after losses are your best – they epitomize what this blog and Arrogant Nation is about, and that’s what no fan of Stanford, Oregon, UCLA, or any other school will understand. Trojan for life. FTFO. FEBU. Beat the bears.

  13. Win4Ever

    Zack, your writing will rally our program. You and Barkley need to team up like Tango and Cash…Murtaugh and Riggs….Turner and Hooch…Mike Lowery and Marcus Burnett…and then this Trojan team will turn on the after burners and torch every single opponent. The twist in our story compared to the other buddy cop movies is that you and Barkley have Cyborg punter, Negrete. Proceed with caution, Cal.

  14. Ender

    Thanks for this post. Def looking forward to the rest of the season again. FTFO

  15. G.

    Ballin’ article, laughed a ton, and I’m a Stanford guy. Fuck the bears.

  16. mrusc96

    Although I was able to move on right after the loss. This made me feel so much better. Thank you and FTFO!!! BEAT THE BEARS!

  17. mrusc96

    Reblogged this on Life…Camera…ACTION!!! and commented:
    This gentleman pretty much sums up how I feel about the loss to STANFORD. Good game Stanford, and life goes on, and so does the football season! FTFO!

  18. Proudly wore all my USC gear Sunday. Love hearing from bRuins talking about our loss with such vitriol, I laugh and say “thanks for showing how different we are, one loss gets you talking crap, but multiple losses for you bRuins and you get only a back page mention and chuckle from Trojans, it’s called Relevance!”

  19. “If you are a Trojan reading this… Hey, what’s up. You’re good looking.”

    This is one of your greatest lines, Zach. Still as awesome as ever.

  20. M

    “When life gives us lemons, we make lemonade and pour vodka in it.” That line just made my Monday. Thanks for another great recap Zack. FTFO.

  21. heyleland

    Stanford would need THIRTY more wins to tie the series.

  22. jpfoursc

    you had me at, “like a home schooled kid his first night getting drunk and seeing a naked girl.” what a perfect description, well played sir,well played.


  23. Death by SnuSnu

    I enjoyed the Stanford kids showing up to gloat. Can’t say I wouldn’t have done the same if I were in their position, though it must be awkward for the alumni (who are used to losing), seeing the current crop of kids gloating without any context as to what a statistical outlier this is.

    They are the collective personification of being born on third and thinking they hit a triple.

  24. B-Dub

    Since 8:30 Saturday night people have been asking me if I am upset about this loss. In all honesty I was probably upset for about 90 seconds, or however long it was between the failed 4th and 40 pass, and the end of the game. Once the Stanford fans started to rush the field I was fine with everything. Glad to see the field rush was such a big part of the AGR.

    While it is never fun to lose, especially in the manner USC lost two days ago, if we had to drop a game, this was the time to do it. USC still controls their destiny for the Rose Bowl and most likely the BCS championship. We lost a perfect record. Nothing more.

    Right now it stinks for the 4th year seniors that they will end their career not beating The Farm (save a miracle that would allow Stanford to play in the Pac-12 Championship game) but that’s not as big of a deal as people want it to be. Do you think Carson Palmer loses sleep because he never beat Kansas State? Please.

    Reading the comment section of the last AGP was priceless. Have we ever heard of Google? Really? Why yes I have, and ever since their IPO they have made me a lot of money. Thanks for inventing it, Stanford.

    On to the Bears and the hippie invasion. Cal, so proudly non-conformist, and then they trots out the most militaristic band with their display of goose stepping we haven’t seen on this planet since Poland circa 1939. Oh the irony.


  25. Zack- I wore my USC tie to church yesterday and read your article today..I seriously don’t see the point in rushing the field ever..I think it shows how incompetent your team is that you are somehow SHOCKED that you beat another team regardless of who it is..Trojans don’t storm fields…we know that when we beat a team of higher ranking that it was our job to do we have 12 teams ahead of us…more power to us when we beat Oregon on Nov. 3 and destroy their chances at a NC title and reestablish our chance to get ours..we may only get to the Rose Bowl…as I recall..we own the damn thing and the fact is..nobody in the small 10? 12? really impress me..and the only team that COULD impress me is under probation..nothing against Ohio State, I remember beating them and enjoying it..but they can’t play in the Rose Bowl so it looks like Michigan (again?)..we’ll punk them like we have the last 2 times in the RB..I can be as obnoxious and arrogant as the next SC fan…but that wouldn’t be classy and it wouldn’t be the Trojan way…oh what the hell….yeah it would and there is a reason for that…we’re that damn good!!!

    • BArcher

      FYI, we rushed the field when we beat UCLA in 1999 after an 8 year drought. I got pepper-sprayed and I have beautiful photos of the crowd that made it onto the field. It was my senior year and it’s the only time the TMB didn’t start their post-game concert on the field in my four years in the band.

      We may have also rushed the field in 1996 when we beat Notre Dame for the first time in 13 years. I don’t remember but I’m sure there’s a Trojan out there that remembers.

      • Chris Beggs

        I was a student for both of those occasions, and we did rush the field both times. Against Notre Dame it was the end of long unbeaten streak, a pretty awful game won by John Fox (not the old coach whining at the refs last night). People were celebrating like a curse had been lifted. It was Lou Holtz’s last game, he was slobbering up a storm somewhere as the Trojans celebrated on the field while RJ Soward led the band while holding the sword.

        I think both occasions were worthy of rushing the field. We had lost our way. Both these wins broke awful curses obviously inflicted upon us by witches with a glass eye wearing bRuin shirts. I don’t believe we have rushed the field since, nor should we.

        Amazing article Zack, can’t wait for Saturday to stomp the bears.

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  27. scarlsonuscfan

    I was feeling a bit blue. I feel so much better now. Thank you! #FTFO

  28. Jim Owens

    Thanks, I am good looking, but you are a super model, your writing is proof

  29. landry

    USC grow some balls and play with the men in the SEC, your QB pretty boy wouldnt last. Tired USC ranked high number in polls when you have a cake walk schedule and everyone acting surprised when you beat unranked teams!

    • Karen

      Do your homework landry; we HAVE played sec teams and wiped the floor with you. Actually I don’t think an sec team has ever beaten us. And if you really want to know how bad your sec is, read this article. My guess is that you won’t read it because you’re too afraid of the truth. FTFO!!!

    • Kirk

      So… as of right now, there are 5 ranked teams on USC’s schedule. Alabama currently has 3, not to mention Western Carolina, a division 2 school. LSU has 4, along with division 2 Towson. You Probably don’t want to go down the strength-of-schedule road right now.

    • Tony

      What the hell are you talking about? USC has been ranked “high number in the polls” for all of what, the end of last season and first couple of weeks of this season? And hadn’t been ranked for about 2 solid years before that. How are you “tired” of USC’s such “higher number”?

      How about the SEC grow some balls and travel to Pac-12 stadiums for a game? How about the SEC grow some balls so that when USC travels to one away game (Syracuse), that total travel distance doesn’t exceed the cumulative total of miles the entire SEC will travel for their OOC away games this season. Grow some mother f’ing balls SEC.

      Oh that’s right, because the last time an SEC team came to the Coliseum, it lost 70-17. And the last time USC went to an SEC stadium, it won 50-14. Against a team that eventually made it to the SEC Championship game.

      Get the F out of here with that SEC shit.

      • I think the Arkansas stuff needs to go away. For those of us that understand and cheer for SEC teams, this argument doesn’t wash. You beat a shitty Arkansas team with an incredible USC team. And as for them making the SEC Championship, they got in on a weak ass tie breaker and then got beat down by Georgia. I love this blog and don’t live anywhere close to SoCal, and I would also love to play more PAC-12 teams. But your Arky reference would be like LSU, Bama, UGA, etc bragging about beating a mid-level PAC team, like ASU. (which Georgia did btw).

      • Zack Jerome

        To be fair, regardless of how, it would be like bragging about being an ASU team that won their division. I get your reference, but that year, they won their division. Not even saying your point is off base, because I get it, but you know what I am saying.

      • Tony

        brmerritt7: While I find it curious that you all of a sudden are distancing yourself from considering Arkansas a strong program (you are right though – I don’t either, but your SEC brethern two weeks ago I am sure would have been all too quick to point out their lofty Top 10 ranking to attempt to justify otherwise), you missed the point of my retort. The point is that the poster I responded to was talking about USC growing some balls and playing the SEC. Well, the last time USC did so, it went 4-0. And the two times USC went into SEC territory, USC outscored the competition 73-14, with a shutout.

        The point of my retort to that guy is that the SEC needs to grow some balls and actually travel in their OOC. If USC needs to grow some balls, how come nobody from the SEC (except for Tennessee, who then reneged) is willing to schedule a home and home with USC? Quite simply, that guy is an idiot.

        The SEC needs to grow some balls, not USC. 70-17 may be annoying to you SEC fans, but you don’t seem to have a retort for 23-0 or 50-14.

        Schedule a home and home with USC and let’s settle it on the field. (And yes, to their credit, LSU and Georgia have come out and played a home and home with ASU. Where is the home and home with USC???).

  30. Melissa

    “I wouldn’t rush the field unless the bleachers were on fire.” amazing article Zack.

  31. “I was asked if yesterday was “the right time” to rush the field. No. It still was not. Ranked teams shouldn’t rush the field at home against ranked teams. It makes you look weak. I wouldn’t rush the field unless the bleachers were on fire.”

    My thoughts exactly. Thanks for another awesome post! FTFO!

  32. ladude

    Never read your blog before. Nice piece today.

    I now miss The Michigan Zone a little less.

  33. heez

    we don’t ever rush the field because we are expected to win every game. simple

  34. JP

    That was like the end of 8 MIle spliced with American Loggers. Took away all their rhymes and then chopped em the fuck down.

    Hope you did a drop the mic walk off when you finished writing that.

    Rainbows? Orange? Cardinal (thats a meth head tree)? We’re long overdue for an actual bear kill.

  35. Greg

    GREAT post. Only concern was your hint this could be your last season covering the Trojans on this blog. Say it isn’t so….we want you to represent our Trojan family for many years to come!

  36. student2000

    typical usc fan. a win is a win…just accept the fact that you guys lost…

    • Zack Jerome

      i think we do accept that. what we don’t accept is that it meant anything other than an early season L. go enjoy the win and stop reading SC blogs.

      • student2000

        if you guys do accept it, why even post justifications for a loss? rather than point out small details (most of which did not even pertain to the game itself) about the opponent? What can you guys do to win next time. That is all.

      • Zack Jerome

        because this is a sports entertainment blog for USC football fans, not ESPN. you’d get it if you got it.


        Thank you. We’ve been waiting all day for your apology.

        It’s because our team already played the farm (and lost, congratulations). Now they need to prepare for Saturday’s game and kill some bears. It’s not distracting; it’s moving on. Fight On! Fuck the bears!

      • student2000

        i’m sorry, justification is probably not the best word. rather, distractions away from your loss.

      • student2000

        So it’s entertaining to distract yourself away from a loss and making yourself feel better by nickpicking….classy.

      • Yololo

        “So it’s entertaining to distract yourself away from a loss and making yourself feel better by nickpicking….classy.”

        This blog is not about being classy. It’s about being ARROGANT. It literally says so in the name of the blog. Learn to read.

      • student2000

        like a frightened baby chipmunk, you feel the urge to be on the defense – all from my little voice.

        as a sportsman, just appreciate the battle between the two teams. Is it that hard to appreciate a well devised offense or a tough lockdown defense (from both teams for that matter)? You won’t go to hell for saying your opponent played a great game.

      • Zack Jerome

        I think they played well for sure. Doesn’t matter though

    • Troy2012

      “So it’s entertaining to distract yourself away from a loss and making yourself feel better by nickpicking….classy.”

      Let’s see…so rather than enjoying a win (or just enjoying a USC loss if you’re one of those types), you seek out a USC blog and dedicate time to make sure that you make disparaging comments to an audience that doesn’t care what you think. Is that not…nitpicking (yes, that is how you actually spell it)? I suppose that coming on to this blog of a team you don’t like to make your little voice heard makes you “classier” than us.

      • Andrew

        Holy christ. It not just a loss, it shows all of our opponents the blueprint for beating us. That STAN team was not strong (HAHAH nerds who study all day and all night with no street smarts). If they beat us, many other teams can do the same. I’m predicting 8-4 at best.

        FIGHT ON!

  37. SA

    And this is why you should keep writing these….Read it. Laugh. Get ready for next Saturday. Thanks for your awesomeness.

  38. aboosetmb

    You could have mentioned the awful Stanford Band.

    • Caldwell

      Arrogance respects arrogance. The awful Stanford Band doesn’t give a shit what you, me, or anyone else thinks of them. Props to them.

  39. Mother Jones

    You misrepresent so many people in So Cal with your lack of intelligent things to say and arrogance. You are proud of a team that cheats, repeatedly. That says more about who you are then about how you handle losses to teams who maybe do not have the same talent. Making excuses for why USC lost is a sorry way to spend one’s time. But, I guess you have it, as evidenced by this blog post. It’s funny how USC can be hit with sanctions repeatedly, lose awards, titles, coaches jump ship and you (fans) still have the arrogance to trash talk others who celebrate wins against you. It’s a game. You are not playing in it. You are an armchair quarterback with a lot of smack to talk. Grow up dude.

    • Zack Jerome

      It’s funny you have the time to read a USC football blog. The benefits of this blog or endless for me. What do you get out of reading it.

    • Zack Jerome

      Also, when someone says cheating it automatically signals to a cognizant football fan that the accuser doesn’t read sports journalism or cognitively think.

    • Chris Beggs

      Clueless, misinformed….I’d much rather be arrogant than either one of those. You’re out of your element here Donny. You really don’t know what you’re talking about. If you want to call someone a cheater, turn your head due south (SEC). Go back to your knitting circle MOTHER Jones.

    • RobRae

      Condi Rice, is that you?

    • Tony

      Reading and commenting on an article that you disagree with regarding a football team that isn’t even yours is a pretty sorry way to spend one’s time.

      It’s funny how badly you don’t know what you’re talking about.

  40. Madmarkus

    I seriously thought it would take a few extra days (and Scotches) for the arrogance to return. All it took was the AGR, a classy ho-hum to the early loss, a proper mocking of the “field rush to irrelevance,” and a reminder that THIS Trojan fan rocked his Arrogant Nation shirt in the sports book at MGM during last year’s PAC-12 pseudo-championship. We kill bears, and win (or lose) with style. F the haters and FTFO.

  41. Eric

    Is it worse to be labeled a “coward” for not speaking up until AFTER the actual victory, or a “fool” for mouthing off before having actually won? I’d say your ignorance is even beyond “foolish”, as you couldn’t even recognize the very real possibility that the Trojans might lose. And hey, I get that you are supposed to be arrogant, but you gotta have something to be arrogant about.

    And props to you for getting a great job and a hot wife, but are you saying that your education and intelligence, such as they are, had nothing to do with either? It’s the 21st century, dude. People who take risks yet act out of ignorance lose money. And not just their own.

    I also like how you put us down for shrinking the stadium, yet in the very next paragraph criticize for not holding back after our victory (see how that works? – achieve, THEN talk about it). LMAO. I mean, I can see how, after beating you four times in a row, and five out of six years, you might think that handing you an ass wuppin’ is no big deal. But the idiots in the media did rank you #2 (and that’s a big difference from #21, in spite of your lame attempt to gloss it over), and the line in Vegas was 8.5. Maybe a lot of the fans on the field were incoming freshmen who arrived early, and they just haven’t learned to read and think critically, yet. They teach you things like that on the Farm. Along with thinking before you open your mouth to speak.

    Besides, do we get no credit for mixing it up? It’s not as though we are embarrassing you on the field in the same manner year after year. One year it might be a last minute win with a backup quarterback at the Coliseum, another year it might be a blowout at your homecoming (quick aside: having that stadium to ourselves, the Stanford fans, on a beautiful afternoon while we take in the victory is proof that God loves us), and in still another, a defensive struggle on the Farm. Next year you might get to watch Barry Sanders Jr. run all over you. Don’t you love surprises? I sure do.

    But I’ve taken enough of your time. Please, get back to bashing kal. Thanks.

    • Zack Jerome

      I think you have taken enough of your own time. Also, you do realize that every single week for three years I predict a USC win. You are missing the point. You probably think Colbert is a republican.

    • sheesh

      dude why are you writing a novel about a game that happened 4 days ago? do us a favor and go get drunk/laid please. I realize thats hard in palo alto but if you guys can beat our football team im sure you can do it !

    • Tony

      What’s that? The sound of someone not getting it?

  42. Megan

    Was directed here from another site. I’m going to have to favorite place this blog now. I’ve always felt awesome to be a Trojan, but this really puts into words why that is.

  43. Rachit

    Awesome Post brotha. When was the last time stanford won a national championship? Before most of us were even born. We will get them next time fo sho.

  44. Julianne

    You’re awesome….Trojans for life! We don’t rush the field because we EXPECT to win! I said the same thing you did when turning the channel when the Farm filled the field, “Act like you’ve won before, Rooks!”.

    Fight On, Trojans, Beat the Bears!

  45. dannyojunior

    “I love the energy and enthusiasm,” the Stanford coach said moments after his 21st-ranked team’s upset of No. 2 USC. “The one problem I have with it is, I would like for everyone in the stadium to not be surprised by [the win].”

  46. Trojan

    I just started reading this blog a couple months ago, and words can’t express how much I LOVE THIS BLOG. Zack, you have become one of my favorite people (and Trojans); you say everything I’m thinking. I am a PROUD Trojan, class of ’05, and it gives me great pleasure to read your latest entries.

    I was a little disappointed on Saturday evening, but then I remembered WE R SC! I have so much respect and love for Barkley and our football team and can’t wait to finish the season!

    Whether we win or lose (although we mostly win); we will ALWAYS be the BEST, because we are TROJANS! Fight On and continue spreading the great Trojan spirit!

  47. Don LLewellyn

    Bearfighter, The sports writer who referred to a USC team that fought like Trojans was writing about a track meet. Not a (football) game.

    P.S. If you have the time google the poem, “Bear Fight Up In Keene”. It’s not great poetry, but I think you might find it worth the effort.

  48. RideTheTaxi

    I’m sure you’ll be posting on it soon – or already are working on it – but I just wanted to make sure that we all garner support to vote for Negrete to captain the Allstate Good Works Team.

    Even all the haters from other schools that come on here to taste our arrogance need to vote for this guy. He represents what college football should be… and how a cyborg leg must operate. And let’s be honest, no one is going to take the time to read all the bios, so everyone should just go ahead and vote for Negrete.

  49. Barfighter

    I went to USC

  50. Blake

    Two things,

    One, this is funny stuff, I’m a Stanford guy, and this is good.

    Two, on your point about rushing the field, if you think Stanford is starting to rush the field too much, then do you think it means that Stanford football has arrived and is here to stay? Food for though. Beat the Bears

    • Zack Jerome

      I agree with coach shaw in that it shows the fans don’t believe it. that’s what i am against. i am also against rushing the field unless it is a monumental win. the ‘biggest upset ever’ game would have made sense. unless rudy comes in and sacks the qb, unless you haven’t beaten a team in a decade, i just don’t get it.

      i don’t think stanford is now a perennial powerhouse forever, who knows how long it lasts, but i know they are on a great run of being a formidable team that can beat anyone. that should be enough to not rush the field when you are ranked.

      cheers buddy

      • David T-L

        Having been in attendance at the BUE, there weren’t enough of us to storm the field in the Coliseum…how do you do it. Actually, it was embarrassing enough to hear all the USC fans booing their team.

      • Andrew

        STAN fans don’t know anything about football. They are nerds who have never played a sport in their life. Not a sports school, like JOCK-LIFE USC! FIGHT ON!

        Of course they are rushing the field, they dumb!

  51. HVL Dawg

    My motto (you can use it without credit):

    I’d rather be lucky than good looking, but ….fortunately…. I’m both.

  52. David T-L

    Okay. You got me laughing out loud! I’m a die-hard Stanford fan, you know, the one who always has Stanford in the FF and the champion of by the BB bracket…someday, I’ll be right!!

    I loved your assessment of the game, credit given, and then the “storming the field rants”. LOL.

    I agree with your assessment, die-hard Stanford fans were not your commentators…maybe students were!!…but that’s just because they haven’t learned the real pain of being a Stanford fan. They will learn. Meanwhile, our USC buds who hosted us for dinner and the game on TV, still didn’t understand why we weren’t whooping it up at the end of the game.

    We’re afraid that when the LA Times hits our doorstep, we’ll have lost…not like we predicted would happen, but like we expected would happen.

    Thanks for your refreshing point of view…or as I originally typed, refreshing point of few.

  53. elPalo

    Some perspective on rushing the field at Stanford: Every year after the first game of the season the fans are permitted on the field. It’s really for the families with kids, such as my own. Because the kids get used to being on the field, we take advantage of every weak *ss reason to get onto the field. If you were down there on the field, you would have seen it was mainly little kids (school hasn’t even started here yet!). Not that beating U$C wasn’t important, but hey, we rushed the field after last year’s victory over Notre Dame, a team that hadn’t been ranked in who know’s how long.

    BTW, I was there in the Coliseum for the 3 OT victory. What was up with the announcer repeatedly warning fans about rushing the field? Would a victory over Stanford have been that epic?

    • Zack Jerome

      no, we just tazer and kill people when fields get rushed. ever see a laker world championship? we’re fucking crazy. you don’t want us rushing a field even if we wanted to.

  54. Mark

    “If you are a Trojan reading this”

    USC students can read?

  55. Im so good looking, I dated a Trojan whilst at USC… and now that I am a Trojan (as I dreamed since elementary) she can’t get rid of me… she wont. Saturday, we play the team/school I despise the most. Go big! FO!

  56. David Green

    As a Stanford guy who hates USC… this was spectacular. Well done.

  57. Bryant Denny

    Nice work. I enjoy your blog.

    Wait, can I say that?

  58. RJSIII

    As a non-Stanford alum, but nevertheless a season ticket holder for 3 decades (probably like a lot of non-USC alum fans), I never thought I’d ever see Stanford beat SC in football, until they finally did in 1992, in my presence. 4 in a row was simply unimaginable. So even though it leaves 20 or 30 (who’s counting) to catch up, it’s a good start. That said, I am convinced USC will never go into a 5-year funk of unwatchable football the way Stanford did 2002-06. If they did, then it wouldn’t be fun to beat them any more. So for that reason, fight on, and we’ll see you next year (if not in December).

  59. Charles

    LOL whatever makes the loss easier to take I guess. Classic after loss post.

    Step 1: Talk about how the other team is actually pretty good and only won because, although you team is one of the best ever, they managed to be so amazingly good enough to win.

    Step 2: Put down the other team’s fans/culture. Sure the opposing football team can fight back and beat you on the field, but at least you can still make fun of the program as a whole. And the best part is, unlike the game itself, there is no Stadford football team online to finish your unfinished business.

  60. Just Sayin

    you made a couple points (esp. about being arrogant before and after the game, you certainly have accomplished that), but it’s a little bit offensive how many people not only read, but agree with this verbal diarrhea of a blog…

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