I’m Moving to Portland. This Isn’t Backwards Day.

I think I put it in the title because it was like ripping a band-aid off.  Now you know.  Lost Angeles Blog for an unknown period of time will be based out of Portland, which for those of you who are unsure, is in Oregon, which I recognize is near where the Ducks play.  Let’s be fair, it’s also where Prefontaine is from and right off the bat that is making it make more sense.  I can’t say much about the Beavers.  We’ll focus on Pre.  And this fucking waterfall.  I endorse this waterfall:

Those of you who read this blog religiously know that advertising is one of the great loves of my life.  I love the people.  I love the constant terror of having no ideas and how through pure bourbon and brain hurricanes, suddenly you press the coal into a diamond.  I have met the smartest, funniest, most insane people working in this field and I get a kick out of Mad Men sometimes because for me those days never ended.  Well, some of it did, but the huge attitudes and the driving yourself 200 mph directly at disaster is still so very much there.  And the brown liquor, at least when it’s 5pm somewhere and your team is spent and there’s nothing left to do but let your project cast off into the sea of public opinion where you find out if it’s a turd or a tyrannosaurus.  It takes a sick person to want to be in a room with people that are smarter, funnier and more attractive than you all day.  You’ve known me for a long time.  I’m that kind of person.  I welcome your genius, comedy and general hotness.  Let’s sell things.

So, you might get where and why I am going.

I’ve had the opportunity to work at some amazing agencies in Los Angeles and I’ve met my best/worst (depending on your definition) friends here, but in the back of my mind I always wanted to give one shop a try if the timing ever made sense, if the opportunity was there.  That shop was Wieden+Kennedy.  They are worth a Google.  For me, in many ways, this is the opportunity of a lifetime.  The agency, not Oregon.

It’s been a dream of mine to work there since I got into the business and the chance to work there with some amazing people I’ve known for some time (and many I just met) was too much to pass up.  It’s nearly inconceivable to think about not being in Los Angeles, near my family and my friends.  I mean, look at the title of the fucking blog.  But it was even more inconceivable to not take a great opportunity to make some great work at W+K and go on an adventure in Cascadia with my bearfighting wife.

So, in all honesty, for the first time in almost two decades, I will have apparently “Lost” Angeles.  See what I did there?  Hell with a pen.

For my Bachelor readers, I am guessing this is not going to impact your enjoyment of this blog.  Despite 10 months of grey and drizzle, I am told ABC broadcasts in Multnomah County, so you are good.  Some of you may live in Portland.  Some of you may even work at Wieden+Kennedy.  By all means keep an eye out for me.  There’s plenty of bourbon in that town and you can still buy it for me (this time, without sales tax!).

To Arrogant Nation, I know this will come as a shock.  The Bearfighter in Duck country.

It’s a tough one to swallow initially, but I want you to remember I am the Bearfighter.  What do you think I will be like up there?  Portland is kind of magical in that you really can’t go any direction without running into a brewery or restaurant that butchers their own pork.  I am going to be wildly powerful in a cool misty climate and with less people to be distracted by, I will be in prime physical condition.

My commitment to you is that I will stand tall in the face of so much pate.  I will not hide my colors.  I bleed Cardinal and Gold (and so do Duck fans, literally, I mean between blood and plasma, that’s just facts.  It’s just science).  I will do our school proud by being a purveyor of class, fine cocktails, sports banter and our Arrogant Nation.

In so many ways, this is the sequel in the blog.  The first chapter closed nicely hitting 2,000,000 views, beyond my expectations.  Next, something new.  I expect a lot to stay the same on here and a lot to change.  Either way, I hope I’ve earned your reads in the future.


Speaking of which, wow Lost Angeles readers…  We hit 2 million.  Almost a million of that this year to date.  What.  A.  Trip.  This is why Lost Angeles will still be Lost Angeles.  The blog is me, wherever I go and you, wherever you may be reading it.  I’ve always felt like I was writing to my friends and from the emails I get, even from fans of other teams (the human ones that can take a joke), confirm that this is just a small, hopefully super-fun-ichiban part of your day.  It is for me.

I will no doubt return some day (beyond the fact I’ll be down here a lot if nothing else for my doctors), but until then, it’s a new adventure.  Thank you so much to all my readers, friends, family, enemies, strangers and vagrants who frequent this blog.  It has truly transformed my life and #humblebrag I am truly honored so many of you care.

So, now what?  Nothing.  Same old thing.

If you live in PDX, work at W+K and somehow know this blog, hit me up.  My tree roots are stretching to the misty Northwest.  We might as well kick it off with some drinks.  And probably some locally raised and cured pork products.  And a Pine State Biscuit.  The Reggie please.

I’ll see you for the AGP tomorrow.  Everything changes and yet, nothing does.  You know where to find me.  Right here.


Zack, the Bearfighter.



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44 responses to “I’m Moving to Portland. This Isn’t Backwards Day.

  1. Aesop

    Stellar. You’ll love it here.

  2. Joe Trojan

    Best of luck Bearfighter. Show them Oregonians how Angelenos do it.

  3. Lawler

    Good luck bud. Make us proud.

  4. Kede923

    Wow! I’ve been living in Portland most of my life and the WEEK I’m moving to Denver I find out the bearfighter is moving up here. What bad timing.

  5. taking the battle to the pacific northwest and their door steps is how I see it. FTFO!

  6. Jimmy

    Portland is a weird but awesome city. I frequent there three times a year to visit my family, and I bleed my Cardinal and Gold every time. Heck, I watched the Syracuse game this year wearing my Matty Trojan jersey in a Buffalo Wild Wings in Portland while everyone else was fixated on Oregon pounding a terrible Fresno State team. The waitress was from Texas, and I was briefly thrown off by her Vince Young Jersey, but she wasn’t a Ducks fan, so that was cool. There were at least 2 of us there that day.

    Multnomah Falls is awesome. Hike to the top as soon as you can. Hit up Deschutes Brewery and Henry’s 12th Street Tavern in the Pearl District. Go to The Vault Martini Lounge. Go to Ground Kontrol, a bar that lets you drink and play 80s arcade games at the same time. It’s nuts. Most of all, spread the glory of USC to the northwest. It’s amazing how many people up there think I went to a UC school when I say I went to USC.

    Oh, there are lots of bears in the wilderness of Oregon. Keep doing what you do. Fight On!

  7. Marls

    Best of Luck to you and yours Zach. Behind enemy lines, I like your style ol chap’.

  8. Zach, have an amazing time on the next part of your adventure! Looking forward to continue to read your blog no matter where you’re off to.

  9. Kristen

    Congratulations, well deserved!

  10. ElScorchoPDX

    Zach, We were just talking about how spot on yesterdays post was on the “USC Alumni Club of Portland” FB Page… And now this. You’re making my flipping week. When you arrive, hit me up. Come catch a game with the Alumni Club, and we’ll grab a drink (I’ve got some McCarthy’s with your name on it).

  11. Seth McCracken

    I’ve lived in Portland for 10 years. I love USC and the blog. Most Oregon fans are great. They understand (big picture) they’ve only been good for a handful of years. It’s “duck fan” that thinks their team/program is the best of all time you need to look out for. Welcome!

  12. Sandi

    Zack, I moved to the heartland and lived in Indiana amongst rabid Notre Dame fans for nearly 5 years. I bled Cardinal and Gold, never waivered. Nor shall you. When you return to Southern California, and you will, just as I did, you will be welcomed with open arms!

  13. Autumn Nichols

    Yay! I follow your blog. I work in media Display Yahoo! in Portland. Welcome to the area! Congrats on Wieden + Kennedy. ☺

    Autumn Nichols

  14. Mikelle

    Yay! Welcome! Excited to finally have you in our city 🙂 And can’t wait until your back at it in January with Sean…

  15. Scott

    Excellent. I work with W+K and can assure you you’ll be working with some of the best people in the industry. I make it up there every few months, and as the client, will insist that they bring you into one of our meetings for an introduction. Good luck and FTFO!

  16. Drew

    W+K is the shit. Congratulations!

  17. Veronica

    As a fellow Trojan in Portland, I say welcome. I miss LA, but Portland is beautiful in it’s own way. Yes it rains, a lot, but when the sun shines it is effing gorgeous and there is no smog in sight! That is definitely something to appreciate. I hope to Bob that you will be living in the city and not the burbs, because the only way to get PDX, to really get it, is to be here; and the little bit of extra money is worth it. Also, the alumni group around here sucks, so I don’t know of an SC’ bar to watch games, but I am willing to start one. Congrats and welcome again!

    • Zack Jerome

      you will find me in the pearl.

    • ElScorchoPDX

      Veronica, This year my goal has been to strengthen the SC alumni group. I’ve started by getting Macadam’s Bar and Grill in Southwest Portland to host us for game watching. Its the closest you’ll get to an “SC bar” In that they give us our own room. We’ll be Fighting On at 4pm on Saturday. Holla!


      PS: also get on the USC Alumni Club of Portland FB page. Thats where I’ve been posting events.

  18. Best of luck on your move! Reading this made me nostalgic about the feelings that led up to my move from San Francisco (even though I had only lived there a little bit) to Boston (a short 7 months ago…). It might not be coast-hopping, but it’ll be a big adventure nonetheless.

    (I know you have the football and the Bachelor covered, but what do people in Portland do about/without baseball? I don’t think I could live somewhere without baseball.)

    • Zack Jerome

      ill need to get the mlb extra innings package and pilgrimmage to dodger stadium a bit.

      • MLB.tv is the greatest thing known to man (and woman). And I’m an Indians fan, which means it only really matters for half the season – still worth the price of admission.

  19. Justonian Schlaang

    lemonheads & emo rock.

  20. Portland is dope. Lived here for 8 years. Seeing all the green and yellow effing sucks, though. It’s murder on the eyes. If I’ve made it through this long, you’ll be just fine. Fight on!

  21. USC2000

    So basically, we will have a transplanted USC-adorned, Cardinal and Gold bleeding Bearfighter (and Duckhunter) in the Pacific Northwest…GENIUS! Best of luck, and hope you can make it down for games!

  22. Don’t get stabbed, give ’em hell and Godspeed.

  23. Z,

    Huge Trojan fan here. Moved from LA to Portland 6 months ago and love it here. For some odd reason, I don’t even mind the rain that’s been pouring for the last 8 days without a break. W+K is a great agency, and they have a kick ass rooftop deck. I have family in Eugene, and yes, they are the annoying, myopic Ducks fans who for some reason act and talk as if they’ve won the national championship every year for the last 15 years… but I love them and we go to the bi-annual USC vs Ducks game together in Eugene. They are season ticket holders and I’ve become friends with the other season ticket holders who have seats around them. My point is, if you’re ready to step into Autzen as the Bear Fighter, you have a mate. There was no better feeling that watching Maldonado miss that 35-yarder last year. Epic fail. You have my email address from this post. Send me a note.


  24. Alison

    Lots of Trojans here in Stumptown!

  25. Scott Armitage

    Give’em Hell Bearfighter! ………..#Bear-FTFO

  26. go to the ‘grape and vine’, ‘big ass sandwiches’, ‘fire in the mountain’ (if you like wings)… but don’t go to voodoo donuts…. it’s lame like the indy band hipsters. I chill in the NE. QUACK

  27. I also suggest if you go to Eugene; try “Belly”. you into pork right? this will do you in.

  28. Cheryl

    Good luck in your new adventure! I’ve been a loyal reader and follower since the very beginning of this blog and you’ve kept my spirits high during some of our difficult years. Sure hope you keep writing and follow your career aspirations. Dont blame you for following your dreams, just dont take away my Bachelor/USC Football guilty pleasure! hah You’re a great talent and someone I’m proud to call a fellow alum. Fight on buddy.

    SC Alum 2007

  29. Pingback: Arrogant Game Preview: Oregon Ducks | Lost Angeles

  30. Zack
    I’ve been reading your blog for years. I admit is started with the Bachelor, but now I read it for football. Portland is a great place for a Trojan. Although I married into this cult I love it. We even planned out wedding around the football schedule. I have family that works at W+K so if the kids aren’t playing nice in the sand box let me know and I’ll call out the troops. You are a celebrity in our home so when you are here we would love to show you around town in our Cardinal car with the FGHT ON plates! We are bourbon connisseurs and have loads of places to brag about here. Welcome

  31. Zach Laney

    Congrats and welcome! Hope you can saueeze in one last La Barca trip before heading up (first stop for the wife and I this weekend)…been here 5 years and still searching for something that compares. FIGHT ON, BEAT THE DUCKS!!!

  32. Zack,
    Thanks for everything! You were a breath of finely aged Bourbon, at a time when the “big bad” NCAA was trying to put the hurt on Tommy T. You gave us a reason to hold our heads up again and give ’em the middle finger in the process. You reminded us what it is to be TROJANS again. Us against the world and I like our odds.

    Fight On My Brother! Fight The Fuck On!
    Jr. Bearfighter

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