AGR: UCLA, but Something More

Let’s get it out of the way.  It’s never fun to lose to UCLA.  It reminds me of the one other time that happened since I became a Trojan.  I remember losing a silly 13-9 game that at the time felt significant because a win would have put us into the national title and UCLA coach Karl Dorell finally had a signature win.  It took forever to get out of the golf course where UCLA parks our cars.  We took plenty of shit from Bruin fans who had trouble knowing how to gloat, it had been so long since they won.

In a way, it felt like the loss this weekend.  Again, USC spotted a massive early lead, coughed the ball up too much and played a well-prepared team.  I am, despite the nature of my blog, not a homer.

UCLA is much improved on the field, their bandwagon fans are still the same petty crowd.  I am hoping the actual alumni of the school enjoy the win and the promise that Coach Mora has them a far, far more complete team than we’ve seen since Pete Carroll’s first season.  Things definitely could trend well for us both, this could eventually become a rivalry again.  Like I said, the road to this meaning more to Trojans would ultimately start with a loss.  Good on you, Bruins.  You did it.

What I would critique are the Bruin fans, not the ones you know from your office who are employed, but their bandwaggoners celebrating still the idea that sanctioning our marching band was good or being proud of Barr ending the college career of Matt Barkley, who has stood for nothing but everything the college game is supposed to be about.

I don’t expect a basketball school where players are one and done always to understand what Barkley did, but I would expect not to be proud of injuring a player who gave up a lot to keep playing for his school.  This is a guy who goes on philanthropic trips to Africa and to Haiti, a guy who was a good friend when I had a serious illness and a guy who regardless of if you like USC or not, is a guy you want on your team.

UCLA won the game and being stoked on that makes you normal.  Being stoked Barkley got injured makes you a college football hater.  One of the great joys in my life as a sports fan was seeing Vince Young play in that Rose Bowl.  It was hard to see him so dominant, but the last thing I’d have wanted was for him to get hurt.  That’s not what this is about.

Literally promoting an animated gif about a college athlete getting hurt makes every point I offered last week for me.  That’s not something I’d ever want to see a Trojan do to a Bruin.  Kill your spirits, your team, your hopes.  Sure.  Have at it.  Celebrate an injury? Where’s Bill Plaschke now to tie his “respect” column to this latest show of sportsmanship…

The SC game was mostly over by the time the injury happened, so that’s not a factor here.  What is a factor is feeling joy for the pain of someone who may influence a star player on UCLA one day to stick around and show pride in their school.  We already know Hundley knows how to throw up our Victory V.  I am sure Bruins hope he takes another cue from USC quarterbacks, especially Barkley.

Also, for the record, banning the field stab still was a cheap move.  It had nothing to do with the outcome of the game and had the band done it, UCLA would have had even more to celebrate.  Just have to keep that clear, while I totally give it up to the players on the field and the coaches for earning a big win.

I’d rather focus the remainder of this post on our own fans and to take a moment to remember Matt Barkley’s career here as it would seem the Max Wittek era begins a bit early.  Fear not, Max, we’re behind you and the last Mater Dei quarterback to have his first start against a #1 team won 24-0.

Trojans, it sucks to have a season not play out the way we expected, but it doesn’t suck to go to USC.  As I always say, we’ll win again and way more than we’ll lose.  UCLA fans feeling excited know this too.  The thing is, those of you who blamed Barkley for interceptions or stick this all on the coaching need to take a moment off.

First, Barkley needs to be absolved.  If you ran around your office like the rest of us did when he said he’d come back, then you need to stand up and clap for him now that his time as a Trojan is over.

Come draft time, I am going to write a recap of Matt’s time at USC, Matty Trojan, the best we’ve had in my tenure.  Get on the right side of this argument or stop reading this blog.  I’m not your voice if you don’t appreciate Matt from game one to now.  I’m adamant about this.

It’s Thxgiving week, Portland is quiet.  90% of that has to do with the Ducks losing, which in a schaedenfraude sort of way made this weekend a little sunnier.  I was at self storage still getting my condo settled when I saw two Ducks fans fresh from the game.  It took all my humility not to be like “what happened, didn’t see the game”.

Having to eat a little Bruin humble pie had me decide to go with that pie theme, celebrate Thxgiving early and just put good vibes into the football universe.

After all, we get to play Notre Dame next week in what might as well be the National Title game for them.  Not used to playing spoiler when the Dodgers aren’t in season, so let’s relish it.

Right now, let’s hope Matt is doing well and getting good prognoses for his draft training, let’s hope Max Wittek is stoked to take the reins and let’s leave the Kiffin talk for another year.  We need his recruiting, his father is out as D coordinator and the truth is, until sanctions are officially over, I still think he’s the best man for the job.  We just need to get him some help so the details don’t get missed.

FTFO and stay dry out there.



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  1. TrojanDynasty

    The Kiffins, the O line, and the defense let Matt down. How I wish the other Matt had given one more year to his school to protect his blind side. Matty B can throw 100 INTS in a game and I will still rank him as amongst the greatest Trojans of all time. He had a chance to bail when the sanctions came down and he stayed. He sucked it up when Pete left. He had a chance to get the paycheck and stayed an extra year, knowing this has not gone well for basically… everyone who has tried. He said nothing when CLK threw him under the bus, backed up and ran him over again. I hate to see him leave the field and leave the program injured and not triumphant, but in trying and failing, he has showed more heart than anyone in our program for a decade. Now it’s time for his team to go win one last one for him vs ND. If the D rolls over like it did on that final UCLA drive, they should strip off the Cardinal and Gold and never put it on again.

  2. Will

    What hurt the most about Saturday was when Barkley went down and we all stood there, dead silent, holding up Victory V’s, and the UCLA band took it as an opportunity to play a song.

  3. Completely agree with everything. I’ve got no problem making a GIF that shows a great sack (I watched one of Suh sacking McCoy probably a hundred times.), but when it’s an injury like that, it’s in poor taste. (And the sack isn’t cool-looking enough to overcome the poor taste factor.)

    Also, I know you don’t care about typos, but I believe you meant to say something else with this sentence: “Being stoked Barkley got injured makes you a college football player.”

  4. Brent

    We all need to to thank Matt for coming back for 1 more year.

  5. Mike Oxbig

    The loss was ENTIRELY about the coaching. The offense on it’s worst day remained solid and continued to put points on the board, despite some questionable play calling. The real problem is with the defense and Monte being as asleep at the wheel as the old man who wiped out the Santa Monica farmer’s market. Every team who beat us this season just exploited the inherent weaknesses of Monte’s scheme. It doesn’t require someone with the brains of an Archbishop to figure it out- just the ability to Google.

    I feel physically sick when I think of how Matt put his talent, his faith and his future in the hands of that snake oil salesman.

  6. I wish we could do something to show matt our appreciation…thoughts?

  7. Julian

    Matt is an exceptional athlete but, more importantly, he is a person of character and integrity. This Cardinal fan is proud that we play in a conference that featured an individual of his caliber. He did what I thought was impossible…he made me cheer for a QB that played on a team I rooted against.

    • Zack Jerome

      cheers. good luck in the title. you guys had a great season, so impressed w shaw.

      • Julian

        Thanks. Shaw tends to be too conservative in my book but there is no denying that he is doing a great job. It’s no easy road to a title…we need to beat UCLA twice in back-to-back weeks. Here’s the net-net though…if we win next week….no matter what…Oregon misses the Rose Bowl.

  8. Kiffin has recruited #1 classes — in spite of sanctions — and expertly navigated us through two years of bowl bans. At other schools, coaches with losing records (not merely coaches who failed to live up to sky-high expectations) get a few years before they’re given the boot. This is, arguably, Kiffin’s first bad year. And people want to fire him? I suppose, in this regard, we are the University of Spoiled Children.

  9. J.B. Birdt

    Briuns” Celebrate an injury? Where’s Bill Plaschke now to tie his “respect” column to this latest show of sportsmanship…” DAMN RIGHT! FIGHT ON ZACK AND FIGHT ON MATT BARKLEY! THANK YOU FOR BEING YOU, MATTY TROJAN! ❤

  10. Tim

    It’s hard to point to one specific place for this loss but it definitely exposed problems with the defensive coaching philosophies this season. I can’t believe how many times I yelled “contain!” “wrap up!” or “stop selling out!” at the TV. I do have problems with LFK’s play calling and clock management, but I think the big fault for this game lies in the defensive culture.

    It’s going to suck not seeing Matt on the field for Senior Day. He deserves a better sendoff to the pros.

  11. Ted

    Seriously? I am by no means a football fan, nor do I honestly care about watching sports in general because I’d personally rather play them. However, someone shared your “arrogant” post earlier about UCLA and all the supposed scumbaggery things we’ve done, that even I as a non-football fan found offensive and biased. As a blog writer myself, I understand that a personality has to be conveyed and you must be writing “arrogant” posts across the board. After reading this post however, you out of nowhere shifted gears and sounds more like you can’t handle the loss and all the hateful comments on your earlier blog post rather than caring about this injured athlete. It sounds way more spiteful than all your “arrogant” posts and honestly it shows. After responding to your blog comments by saying, “if I were you, I’d be celebrating and not being a nerd”, you now are trying to draw sympathy for the athlete? You really think people would refrain from trash-talking when you’ve made such an “arrogant” post and after you respond in such an immature way to them?

    I really feel bad for this guy, I really do. If I was able to somehow prove that to you that I really do, I would. A lot of his hopes and dreams may have been dashed at the end of this game just as how I know an ex-football UCLA athlete who had been injured. Your topic is something that needs to be addressed of the UCLA fans, but by seeing how you shifted personalities on your post makes it sound spiteful. I feel that you have no right to talk about such a sensitive topic.

    Feel free to respond to this in your usual “arrogant” way.

    • Zack Jerome

      I believe you that you feel bad about Matt and the truth is, this blog is for entertainment. But, you’re saying yourself you don’t read me every week. I am for the good of the game and in the end, every week requires something different.

      I approved your post (i didn’t delete it which is banning a drum major from stabbing a field) because I appreciate your take. That said, one of our critiques of UCLA is their lack of understanding with football culutre, that’s a part of it.

      Check out my instagram. I spent the weekend in Goonies-land Oregon getting drunk and checking out the ocean. It totally sucked to lose, but I’m going to focus on what parts of that game I wanted to. Happy to share your opinion on my forum, but I’ve always felt “guy who comes to rival blog an hour after the game to gloat” is missing the fun in winning, which UCLA does less of historically. I also said in this post this isn’t all UCLA fans, so to me your issue with my comments feels insecure.

      My excuse for responding an hour after the game would be that I am not afraid to take my lumps and also, since it is, like, you know, my blog, I get notifications via smart phone and the laws of blogging are to approve comments, which I always do so long as not racist, etc.

      Thanks for your take and web traffic.

  12. Thank you for writing this post. Can’t even tell you how disheartening it was to see certain Bruins fans talk about how “the best part of the game” was when Barkley “couldn’t get his bitchass up”. This rivalry is about the spirit of football. Regardless of what team you’re on, you should never celebrate the downfall of another player. It ruins the spirit of football and what this sport is all about. And thank you Matt for coming back and leading this team. For forgoing the draft to come back out of loyalty and love for this. Fight on always, I will always Be7ieve. #FTFO

  13. Fight On! I’m a Trojan for LIFE!
    Matt is an awesome QB and a true Trojan.
    Here’s to the defense getting a few new recruits.


    I, for one, will be at the Coli Saturday standing and cheering as loud as I can as Barkley comes charging out of the tunnel for his last home game against our true rival. He and the other seniors did us proud. Thank you, Matt, for your dedication to ‘SC and your exemplary Trojan character. FTFO!!!

  15. Sam

    Can we get #Thanks4StayingBarkley trending now and again after your recap of Barkley’s SC career post? That guy needs to be immortalized for all he’s given to SC and the SC faithful, Heisman or not.

  16. JP

    Just having Barkley in the record books isn’t enough. Haden needs to take action and do something. Hell, put a white number 7 jersey up in the Coli next to our Hesiman boys,….he can have Bush’s vacated spot. I’ll allocate my alumni donations to that.

    To the Bruin who posted….thanks for caring, I do mean that, and clearly your team wanted it more and played great. We aren’t going to win them all…just most. But this is our blog, and our bearfighter, and what he posts works for us. Dont like it? Dont read it.

    Zack – thanks for another season. And do give Matt his due. That is one legit dude that I am so thankful was one of ours.

  17. Brandi

    There is one problem I have with this AGR. You say “now that his (Barkley’s) time as a Trojan is over.” but your time as a Trojan is never over. Once a Trojan, always a Trojan, right?

  18. Marls

    Extraordinary things happen to extraordinary people. Matt is one of them, and I believe he will be quite exceptional when he drafts. He was baptized by fire with Carroll leaving, and yet here he still is when most people would have just crumbled under the pressure. He’s never been afraid to be who he is and that is what always meant most to me as a Trojan fan. He was finally someone who stood for being a good on the field, and even more for being the best he could be off it. I remember when a video was posted of him singing music and playing his guitar with a huge smile on his face. I smiled and said to myself, “we’ve got a good one here.” Genuinely enjoying your whole college experience is becoming a rarity these days among college football players. I was happy to see Matt take that opportunity and make the best out of it. My great grandfather rooted my family’s love for the Trojans back in the 30’s (thundering herd times) and he believes Matt is one of the best he’s ever seen. Mind you that’s a lot of Trojans coming and going in his 92 years of being a die hard fan.

    We thank you Matt Barkley, and I congratulate you on all that you’ve accomplished and will accomplish in your life. Fight On Forever!

  19. Mike Sanchez

    I love it how Trojans talk crap all year long and for so many years, and now all of a sudden want civilized conversation among the rivalry. Let me just say this, that carma has a way of finding its balance and that is what this is. Bruins are not celebrating the injury to Barkley no one wants to see a athlete injuried. Bruins are celebrating the fact that those players, Barr included, did not lie down like Trojans wanted us too. They fought and fought hard all the way to the last second. I have been a UCLA fan all my life and believe me this is a two way street. When USC beat Norte dame with the bush push I never heard a Trojan say once that the call should be overturned or the Irish deserved the win. They all said too bad the refs didn’t call it, and that’s football. Where was your high road then. Nowhere to be seen. So now everyone should be considerate of Trojan feeling. Cry me a river. A legal hit occurred on Barkley and unfortunately he got hurt. That truly is football. No one is bringing up the injury to Thigpen. I was at the game and I heard quite a few cheers at the end if that play and I am sure the Trojan band was playing during the downtime. So look at yourself before pointing the finger. Go bruins.

    • Zack Jerome

      It was fun to read your post spiral from “holier than thou” to “fuck you asshole”. But karma is a bitch. “Carma” is a made up word. Nice work.

    • TrojanDynasty

      “Carma?” That’s what Bruin graduates say: “Can I borrow your Car, Ma?”

      • Mike Sanchez

        Trojandynasty proving that USC stands for University of spoiled children thanks for that.

      • Zack Jerome

        there’s no way you got into ucla with a hotmail email address.

      • Mike Sanchez

        Proving the earlier quote from Mark Twain about fools. Giving the international spelling of a word to describe a holiday that is primariy celebrated by one nation. Do they celebrate the 4th of July in Mexico and spell it differently.

      • Mike Sanchez

        Commenting on a domain name for email to suggest me not being able to attend UCLA. Proving the elitist attitude of USC fans. Thanks again for that.

      • Zack Jerome

        our pleasure. that said, gmail isn’t elitist. it’s free. you could just switch over. and like, have hotmail forwarded. just a thought. good looking out.

      • Mike Sanchez

        Now gmail is better than hotmail…wow does it ever end with you

      • Zack Jerome

        it will end when you leave my blog and meet a woman or something.

      • Mike Sanchez

        Your reply to me is to leave your blog and find a woman. This is your blog which you maintain throughout the day everyday and your basically telling me to get life. That makes total sense.

      • Dude, everyone in the world knows that Gmail is better than Hotmail. It has nothing to do with being elitist or going to USC. It’s just plain common sense.

      • C

        I believe Mike Sanchez got “intentional” confused with “international”…if you scroll back up to Zack’s original comment – “Thxgiving is intentional. Carma is not reading books.”

      • JT

        wow, Mike Sanchez does a nice job reinforcing the international stereotype that “whining is part of the Bruins DNA.”

        I was so stoked when Barkley said he was coming back. Thanks Matt for your class, integrity, passion and balls. You gave a lot of yourself for USC and will not be forgotten. Hope you heal quickly. Fight On!

      • The JOB

        Mike Sanchez, please learn to read or get your glasses checked. He wrote that the spelling of Thxgiving was intentional, not international. However your spelling of karma as carma just made you look uneducated.

      • Jeff

        Oh man… He said intentional, not international. I think you’ve illustrated the point.

    • KIT

      As a member of the Spirit of Troy, I can guarantee that we never play while a player (for either team) is down. We simply put our fingers up in the V for Victory and wait quietly for them to get up.

      • FTFO

        You are posting a sign at the Stanford @ Oregon game about USC. Do you see anything awesome a Trojan fan would think about this? All of college football thinks about USC and everything that happens there because USC is one of the greatest programs of all time.

        USC is playing the #1 ranked team in the country and is only a 6 point underdog while being unranked. #FTFO

      • Mike Sanchez

        This does not show that USC is not one of the greatest football programs of all times. It shows the attention they continue to bring on themselves from other activities. They continue to bring attention because they screw up. Players bringing down sanctions. Equipment managers intentionally cheating. I will agree the talent that USC possesses is huge but you can’t be great if you can’t keep it together.

      • Zack Jerome

        Please write a book. We will fund it on kickstarter

    • molenker

      For the record, the band never plays while a player is down, and in fact, opposing player or one of our own, they always hold up their hands in a victory “V” for the duration of the injury timeout until the player is off the field.

    • JP

      Get off our nuts bro. Spend your time on your school. Thats the difference. You call us arrogant and this bullshit bc we love our school through anything and always…always…think Trojans are #1. You’re busch league posts are so representative of what a fucking joke of a fanbase lies within the UCLA alumni / wherever you actually went. Some of my best friends are Bruins and I go respect, but take this dribble to that piece of garbage bruin nation and GFY.

    • papabush88

      Another missed call in the “Bush Push” Notre Dame: the Notre Dame fans and ND players rushed the field when the game was not over. That’s a penalty that they didn’t call. Would’ve put USC closer.
      Thigpen is not a starter and definitely not a QB, which is the most important player on the field.

  20. John

    fuck plaschke! great article. Fight On Barkley!

    • RobR

      plaschke looks like all the other ucla fans: shaved-head gang bangers who look like they just got out of Pelican Bay. Their names all sound like Mike Sanchez.

  21. While it disappoints me to no end in the short-term that UCLA won (mostly on account of the way Barkley goes out as well as the field stabbing idiocy on UCLA’s party), I’m sincerely happy about the outcome when looking at things from a long-term POV.

    It’s been no fun beating UCLA so often recently. That sounds like a taunt; it’s not, just a statement of fact. There is no joy in beating a rival who expects to lose, as UCLA has so often done. And for as much as we’ve trounced them on the field, it’s been no fun beating a school that only beats itself up harder (see: the Bruins Nation blog which is run by Cobra Kai who are unafraid to eat their own for losing to USC).

    This win invigorates the rivalry and makes it meaningful for the first time in awhile. Who knew the school had so many fans hiding in the woodwork? Hopefully, they all stay aboard this new UCLA bandwagon long enough to visit the Coliseum next year.

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  23. Staples08

    I loved Barkley for coming back but he clearly had a terrible year. The coaches had everyone coming back besides one or two offensive or defensive lineman and couldnt get the job done. Its been an awful disgraceful year so no if your a trojan fan you shouldn’t be happy of anything that happened this year. Just be excited about Marquise Lee and understand that this year was championship or bust 4+ losses is a shame and Barkley and Kiffin are to blame so I don’t think you should celebrate what theyve done in the past because that was all to get to this moment, and they blew it.

    • ldytrjn

      I reject your notion that he had a terrible year. His stats are actually on par with last year with only about 3 points less of a QB rating and two games to go (ND and the bowl game). He had too many INTs but I’d say about a third of them came from pass interference that wasn’t called by the refs (see: Oregon player pushing Marquis Lee out of his route in the end zone).

      Barkley is the all-time QB leading in the Pac12 in several categories, as he should be. We had a weak O-line that made the TEs have to double up on left side protection more often than get open for passes, Kiff’s play calling/clock management was often questionable and our D was so one-dimensional that a simple screen run to the right side could pick up a 3rd and 18. The team was not perfect. But to say that Barkley had a bad year? You’re insane. If he hadn’t gotten hurt, he’d have lit up ND *and* we still have a bowl game left. Nothing is over. So how about backing that bus up and getting some real perspective on the season.

  24. These things happen. We all hope Matt Barkley will be fine, just like any other player. I’m sure many of you sincerely clap when an injured player manages to get up and off the field, and those that inject their insidious venom into their “cheering” deserves no further attention.

    FTFO Matty Trojan.
    FTFO Trojans.

    Congrats UCLA. You won 6 years later. Maybe you can finally kill that trend and take it back how it used to be.

    But until then, celebrate your earned win with gimmicky shirts and “back to back” P12s champions status. Now go play more real teams. Washington, Stanford, Oregon, and the like will be waiting in the future.

    • Mike Sanchez

      So if we beat Stanford or Oregon does that end the discussion. Or will something else keep the bruins from being legit. Wait a minute USC lost to both Oregon and Stanford this year….what does that make you

  25. Nothing but respect for Matt Barkley. – UCLA alumnist.

  26. Charles

    I am a Bruin. I hate USC and I love to see a good hit on an arrogant QB. But it is never fun to see an injury, especially one at the end of a great college career. Barkley, again as much as I dislike the guy, really should be admired for sticking around, finishing school and putting up with partially BS sanctions.

    I can understand Bruins fans for loving seeing a great hit on the guy who proclaimed he had unfinished business and orchestrated a devastating 50-0 punishing last year, but anyone still celebrating that moment seriously needs to reconsider. The kind of dedication that guy showed to his alma mater is something we should strive for in our players across town.

    At the same time, don’t give me this BS about bandwagon fans at UCLA as if they don’t exist in droves across town. I’m pretty sure 5% of the people I see with USC apparel have attended that school and the emptiness of the Coliseum this season has shown that we both suffer from bandwagoners. And yes, I mean suffer.

    Lastly, we hold up a “V” with our fingers when we sing our alma mater. This is a long-lived UCLA tradition. You don’t own the “V” and you sound stupid every time you criticize Hundley for doing it.

    I enjoy this blog. Go Bruins!

  27. Don LLewellyn

    I love the way the poor bruin fan demonstrated his reading skills by confusing intentional with international. You do have to feel sorry for that lot. If you don’t you will be risking bad “carma”

    • RobR

      Mike’s prolly Cal State Stanislaus showing solidarity with his socialist brothers in LA, plotting the next Referendum to raise taxes on the 99% to pay for more services in the state.

  28. awesomeworkman

    I believe I saw USC fans wearing “50-0” t-shirts last season too.

    Nobody is celebrating Matt Barkley’s injury. If you notice, the pictures and videos being posted by UCLA fans are of the hit that Barr put on him, not him laying on the field with trainers tending to him.

    For as classless as you want to say UCLA fans are, there are SC fans who are on the exact same level. It’s true with ALL sports teams.

    You wrote a blog out basically bashing UCLA and its fans, and left it on a pro-UCLA blog and expected them to smile and ignore it? Regardless of your feelings for Bruins Nation, that was just asking for the kind of response that you got.

    • Zack Jerome

      I didn’t post it there. Also, that’s naive . Doesn’t matter tho. Our band doesn’t play with an injured man on the field. You being here makes the point. Go to bruin nation and talk. We got game day coming to campus and nd to play. For as annoying as they are, they understand the sport. Good win for UCLA but nd will be a nice change from amateur hour

      • Charles

        I think you’re making too big a deal of this band playing thing. They didn’t instantly know he was hurt and we, like most other schools, traditionally play that song after a sack. They also stopped before he left the field, most likely upon realizing that he may actually be hurt. I get that after a loss you want to find things to complain about, but I don’t think this is one.

      • Zack Jerome

        i am not trying to find anything. nothing i ‘find’ changes the outcome. it’s a recap. you recap what happened. that includes us losing.

    • Amy

      You did see fans wearing 50-0 shirts…I’m one of them. Heres the difference….we shut you out! 50-0 is a HUGE win that constitutes a shirt with that score printed on it. A 10 point win and really? You guys print shirts? Thats embarrassing…..

      • Daniel

        Amy, not to mention that 50-0 was the most lopsided win that the series has ever seen. When a victory makes history, such as the 50-0 victory, it is justifiable to make a t-shirt for it in my opinion. In UCLA’s defense however, making a t-shirt can also be justifiable when it celebrates a rare (or freak) occurrence. UCLA beating USC is a rare and/or freak occurrence and statistics prove that. This is why UCLA made a t-shirt, to celebrate their rare 38-28 victory.

      • Tommy

        I saw Bruins wearing 13-9 shirts at the Coliseum a few years back. How sad is that?

      • Amy

        Daniel, Great points!!! LOL
        Tommy, that IS sad!!! But what do you expect from Bruin fans? LOL

      • El Quixotian

        Current band mate, and bruin band alum, joked about his new ATM pin: 3828.

        Response was easy…prefer to keep 5000.

        Fellow TMB alum said knowing the bruin’s would be handy, for next time he waves his card at us….

        MAXimus Offense, Fight On!

        (Or is #FOOM better with its fast strike sound better to the more racy #MOFO for family hash?

      • DoctorId

        I’ve been at the mausoleum and seen Trojan fans wearing OJ jerseys! How classless is that?!

  29. Amy

    Well said! We all have fun with the rivalry but an injured player is never funny and never something to brag about. Stay classy Bruins….riiiiiiight……

  30. Ex-Cop

    Great as always. One small correction. This was not the end of Matt’s time as a Trojan (off the field or on). We will play in a bowl game regardless of the outcome next Saturday and if Matt’s injury is as reported he will have recovered enough by then to be back under center wearing cardinal and gold.

  31. OC_Trojan

    Like most of the Trojan family I feel terrible that Matty Trojan has to end his college career with his arm in a sling. I can’t say I am shocked that some college football “fans” are celebrating this injury with animated gifs. It reminds me of 9/11 footage in some random Middle Eastern town where people were celebrating in the streets after learning the World Trade Center was destroyed.

    Unfortunately the 2012 season wasn’t meant to be for USC. After you do this for a while you realize that despite all of the evidence that things are going to be great (like the 2004 season) fate throws you a curve ball. The good thing is — as Zack has pointed out several times– as Trojans we are going to win a lot more than we lose. Even if USC loses to Notre Dame and follows that with a loss in some third-tier bowl game, I’ll be celebrating losing 5 of the last 6 games in Hawaii next August the same way as if we had been undefeated and had to make our third trip to Miami in a decade. In the end it just doesn’t matter because it’s always great to be a Trojan.

    Fight On!
    Beat the Irish!

    • Charles

      “It reminds me of 9/11 footage in some random Middle Eastern town where people were celebrating in the streets after learning the World Trade Center was destroyed.”

      Trojans officially are no longer allowed to make arguments about who is classier.

      • Daniel

        You are in the wrong place to be making any rules. Myself along with other Trojans will continue to have our views on class and/or bruins lack thereof, and whether or not you choose to come to this blog and read them is up to you.

  32. Marls

    LOL Bearfighter writing “intentional” and the tiff going off into “international” waters.

  33. Mel

    If you weren’t at SC when the sanctions came down, when Uncle Pete left, and when it felt like there would be no more program, nothing to root for, I don’t think it’s possible to really know what Matt Barkley has meant to this school and its fans. That kid could have left when he heard he wouldn’t get the chance to prove himself in bowl games at a number 1 program and that his program’s rep would be tarnished, etc, but he chose to stay. He chose to be a role model and support his school and complete his education and he played like a champ every day for four years. Along with this blog, he carried us all thru the sanctions years and brought the Trojan Family together like no one in recent seasons has. And after all that, he came back for one last season. Standing in that stadium on Saturday in shock when he didn’t get up was one of the worst moments – to think that after he gave our school everything and yet this is how his SC career would end. We all owe a huge thank you to Matt, and the Bearfighter is dead on that if you can’t stand behind him, you can’t stand with Arrogant Nation and the Trojan Family. Fight On, Matt, and thanks for an amazing 4 years!

  34. Dennis Bruin

    The sword ban was silly, and anyone celebrating the Barkley injury is vindictive and not representative of true bruin fans.

    I feel bad for Barkley who gave up millions of dollars to stay one more year in college football. What he wanted was a national title, what he got was a 7-4 record and an injury against UCLA.

    As much as I hate Barkley’s smug grin, I wouldn’t wish this on anyone. For him not to take the field at senior day really sucks. I just hope his draft stock isn’t affected by what seems to be a minor injury (who knows though with that clown Kiffen at the helm).

    I don’t like doing it, but I’ll be rooting for Southern Cal this weekend. Beat ND, because the more you win, the better our win against you looks. The better UCLA and USC do, the better the rivalry is both nationally and for us.

    Football it up and beat the Irish! But do something about Kiffen that guy irritates the shit out of me.

  35. Daniel

    Just a thought.

    I appreciate A. Barr’s sack because it was a clean, legitimate hit. I wish Barkley didn’t get torn up on the play, but that’s football. People get torn up on plays. I’m not going to celebrate his injury, but I’m not going to apologize for feeling good about that hit. It was a good hit and a good sack. That said, Barkley is a class act and I wish him well.

    I’m disappointed that UCLA fans are saying shit like “oh, I loved how Barkley’s bitchass couldn’t get up.” It’s classless. But be honest with yourself, would you put it past fellow SC fans to act in the same way? I know a lot of SC fans that would’ve said the same shit if it was Hundley. I just hope you’d see them with the same tint that you do for us.

    Cheers. Hope ND rips you a new one. All in good fun.

    • Zack Jerome

      Totally agree with your point here. Thing is, this is my blog, it’s popular enough that Bruins feel the need to read it, comment here and unlike Bruins Nation, I don’t ban people until it gets racist or something of that nature. When UCLA puts out a cheesy t-shirt because they are unfamiliar with winning, I call it out.

      Your point about SC fans doing the same is totally valid, but they aren’t my readers. I have fun with college football and our perception, but if Hundley got hurt I’d be telling my readers to show some class. THere’s being arrogant assholes and then there’s being an actual asshole.

      In any event, til next year. We’re not sweating it.

      • Daniel

        Can’t argue with that. Refreshing to know that there’s some class under all that shit talk. Which is good shit talk, I’m not going to lie. Got enough of a rise out of me to read your blog.

        Til’ next year. Fuck ‘SC as a staff label and as a mothafuckin’ crew. Westside.

      • Zack Jerome

        got nothing against the west side, i lived in beverly hills until i bought a house. until i moved to PDX.

  36. You, sir, are the gift that keeps on giving. I like coming on here for your meltdowns, your now-bitchy-less-arrogant rants. I don’t mind giving up “web traffic.” I support the blogosphere, so you can take the traffic if you want; you make no money off of it, because doesn’t allow ads.

    Of course, you’re now the guy who’s crying over a Matt Barkley-sack GIF existing, huh? Please. We applaud the hit, because it wasn’t dirty — it was 100 percent legal. We don’t applaud his shoulder getting separated and we wish it hadn’t — UCLA fans in general also hate Notre Dame and most want Oregon in the Pac-12 title game, to not cop out. We do applaud, though, that little brat who ran up the score on us eating turf, his natural diet. We applaud our guy driving him into the ground because, guess what, this is football.

    The point is, we’ve gotten on your nerves. We’ve elicited every lame-ass argument USC fans make to us, on this blog. It’s fun. We’re antagonizing the shit out of you, and we’re enjoying ever minute of it.

    You didn’t stab our field. You didn’t beat us. Amateur hour? Please. We destroyed you *before* the game even started, by messing with your traditions.

    Rivalry is psychological warfare, and we blew. you. out.

    • Daniel

      Ya know something “Joe Bruin”…it’s ALWAYS great being a Trojan. However, recent history would indicate being a Bruin is only enjoyable 2 out of the past 14 years (and even then, its not that great). The funniest part about your post is your BS excuse as to why you’re here on this blog, for the “meltdowns” lol. You are here on this blog because USC is so very much in your head. Now there is some psychology (and facts) that you cannot overcome. I recommend you sport your laughable 38-28 t-shirt and enjoy the moment, because after all, you’ve enjoyed so few of them.

    • JP

      Nothing makes me love being a Trojan more than reading something like this. Please stop “antagonzing” and “destroying” us! Love the warped view of everything. You gotta spend less time on this… psychological warfare? wtf. Go…Joe..Go and spend your time on something non USC for a bit.

    • RobR

      “You didn’t stab our field. You didn’t beat us…”
      I feel like I’m listening to some official in Sacramento…
      ucla has taken football tradition and turned it into complying with political correctness. Now when you win you have to do it nicely — except when it comes to injuring the Trojan QB. That seems to be OK for the ucla gang bangers.

  37. Bryan

    Full disclosure, Bruin here. I, like many Bruins, celebrated the sack on Barkley. Also, like many, we gave him a hand when he got up. There’s a good and bad contingent in both camps (there was an out pouring of UCLA get well wishes for Stafon Johnson when he dropped the weights on his neck, but probably went unnoticed by Trojans). I could easily list all the petty things Trojan fans say that should make Trojans cringe (whether you do or not, I don’t know), but I temper my frustration knowing that there are Trojans that show sportsmanship after victories even though they are less visible (idiots are just more vocal). Our allegiances often blind us to the uglier side of both teams, so it’s unfair to paint either side with such a broad brush.

    I do feel Barkley made a poor decision for his future in that he was a definite high draft pick last year. He bled millions for SC, and quite frankly, has nothing to show for it in terms of how the season ended. But the kid is an absolute competitor and has to be commended for his loyalty. You’re right, UCLA fans would love to have him. No Bruin in their right mind would deny that.

    One thing I disagree with are bandwagon fans. Your attendance numbers were pretty sorry in the ’90s, just like ours have been during or losing decade. Both sides have ’em. Only new (within last decade) SC fans would suggest otherwise. Unbiased explanation, it’s just LA…ask the Clippers.

    • Zack Jerome

      totally reasonable take. i’d argue some of the finer points, but the fact you had a reasonable take is enough for me to say nice win, good luck next weekend. cheers.

  38. Paul Velazquez

    Bandwagon fans – I thought you were talking about USC’s Raider fans, but then I read you were referring to UCLA’s bandwagoners. I didn’t know UCLA was good enough to attract the bandwagoners. After all, UCLA wasn’t ranked at all preseason.

    GIFs – Because no USC fan celebrated/posted Malaluga’s hit on Cowan in 2006, right? Only difference there was that Cowan was basically running out of bounds when he took that helmet-first hit, and Barkley’s line just totally failed him. (well, that & Cowan then popped up & proceeded to win… guess that is another difference)

    Still, good game.

    • Zack Jerome

      I mean, the injury is sort of what makes it tasteless, and the band playing while he was down. I am down for gifs of hits, just when it’s an injury, it’s not in the best taste… of course, taste went out the window when UCLA printed a 38-28 win t-shirt. We’ve lost to Stanford for like five years, here’s guessing when we snap it, we don’t print a t-shirt.

  39. Wizzy

    Please UCLA fans, go away. I believe in free speech but enough is enough. This is a place for the Trojan faithful to gather and enjoy each others Trojanness, not a place for you to argue with us that it’s as great to be a Bruin as it is to be a Trojan. This is not a place for us to celebrate our respect for other schools. This is the place for us to celebrate ourselves. We are who we are. And we love it.

  40. CPEM

    9-2, playing in the Pac-12 championship game, playing for a Rose Bowl berth, and they have to use Groupon to sell tickets to their next game. That is the state of UCLA football. Great fanbase you all have there.

    Meanwhile, we are 7-4, with the Sun Bowl or Holiday Bowl in our future, and you can’t find a ticket anywhere for less than 3 times face value. We support our team through thick or thin.


  41. papabush88

    I think it would be naive to absolve Barkley of any fault for the way this season turned out. He made some costly mistakes, but there were many other factors that contributed to this: poor coaching, poor defense, poor playcalling, and sometimes poor officiating.
    However, the mistakes that Barkley made this year are heavily outweighed by the incredible things he has done for USC. He brought back a love of being a Trojan that some were missing. He made people remember how pretigious it is to play in the Coliseum. When people saw USC as a broken team with sanctions, he reminded them that USC is the traditional top dog in the PAC. A team with 11 national titles. Most all time Rose Bowl wins. 7 Heismans. Most players drafted to the NFL. Most First Round players in NFL. But most of all, Barkley reminded us that it’s not about winning every game, but never giving up and to alaways fight on.

    Thank you, Matt.

    Now, onto Mr. Wittek. We are behind you. Lead us. A piece of advice: to become a great Trojan QB, you must first want to be a Trojan QB.

    Zack: you mentioned the last former Mater Dei QB who made his first start vs the #1 team…the score was 23-0. Leinart shutout the #1 Auburn Tigers. They were not the AP #1, but they were in other publications like Sports Illustrated. More importantly, that win set up a national championship run for us.

  42. Erin

    I went to UCLA. Didn’t realize we had bandwagon fans-thought that was more a of a USC thing…interesting…

    • Zack Jerome

      Every team has bandwagon fans, but even in down years the announcers don’t say there my be more sc fans than UCLA fans at the games. I remember going to the Rose Bowl and it feeling like a home game.

  43. fucla

    You may have already seen this, but I just wanted to make sure: UCLA got ranked #1 Most Dangerous College in the United States – …fuck Mora

  44. One in a row

    Maybe what angers Bruin fans is Maualuga’s trying to knock Cowan’s head off when he was already out of bounds. The maniacal cheering from the Southern Cal crowd was so classy and sporting it warms a person’s heart. How about Southern Cal guy trying to knock Hundley out of the game on UCLA’s third or fourth play..ducked his head, led with the helmet, and tried to send Hundley into oblivion for a 1 yard penalty. What class! And let’s not forget Barkley and Carroll running it up with 44 seconds left in 2009 with the 49 yard bomb and an insurmountable lead. What was it that that super kid Barkley was seen mouthing after Carroll danced up and down the sideline? Oh yes, “Scoreboard.” That bit of sportsmanship must make Southern Cal fans well up with pride. Trojan fans getting on their high horse about class! Puh-leeze!

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