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  1. Rick Matros

    Zach; I ordered an Arrogant Nation V weeks ago. Haven’t received.
    Thanks for checking.


    • Zack Jerome

      orders are still going out, our turnaround arrogantly sucks because it is two guys just doing it and vendors constantly late.

      • debbie

        so I just left my 10th…no lie, 10th voicemail to inquire about a T shirt ordered,already paid Visa bill,…no response, no sorry, no “go to hell”…nothing!
        please out of courtesy let me know if it’s coming.?? and when…

      • Zack Jerome

        emailing you

      • Abhi

        Hi I placed an order on November 12th and have not still recieved my item.

        I have also emailed u with the tracking number and still havent gotten any response

  2. Walter

    No doubt you are slammed with orders following the blog’s explosion after the Oregon game. Just checking to see if orders placed in UCLA-week (i.e. right before the store closed) are still trickling out?

    Fight On!

  3. Amy

    I know Im late but please let me know if there is any way that I can still get one of these shirts?

  4. Chris

    If Amy above is late, I am uber late on trying to get an Arrogant Nation shirt…..if possible please let me know. Thanks!


  5. WCW

    You can’t sanction the endzone was 8 weeks ago.

    Bring on the 3 time Heisman winner Matt Barkley shirts.


    Fight On!

  6. KT2killastylz

    What does #FTFO stand for ……. soooo embarassed I don’t know.

  7. Ryan

    Is there anyway I can still buy the lane fucking kiffin bro T-shirt? Love the blog. Been reading it since the very first post. #FTFO

  8. Suzanne

    Do you have anymore shirts that just say “Arrogant Nation”? I saw one at the rally last night. Would really love to have one.

  9. Mateo

    Any way possible to snag a Lane T from last season??

  10. Kevin

    By any chance do you still have last years tank that only says “Arrogant Nation” in a size medium?

  11. Andy

    Hey Zack,

    Any idea how long shipping for a tshirt is going to take? I ordered one a few weeks ago.


  12. Win4Ever

    Zack, I checked the delivery schedule. I ordered my AN visor and Bearfighter shirt before the Cal game and still haven’t gotten it. Schedule says it should have come a few weeks ago. Who does the shipping? Can I contact someone about this? I leave for Seattle for UW vs USC and want my shirt/hat before I board the plane on Thursday

  13. Fay

    any arrogant nation shirts left? my floormates and i REALLY want them…

  14. Reilly M

    Any way to get a “lane fucking kiffin, bro” shirt. Let me know! I would kill a bear/bruin for one

  15. Jenny

    Any idea when November orders are shipping? I know your delivery schedule says “?” but I figure it’s okay to ask after it’s passed the 2 month mark.

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