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NCAA Pulls Out Toy Hammer Against Ohio State

Really, guys?

I’m tired of the media and the NCAA trying to explain how USC’s penalties and OSU’s are apples to oranges.  I’m tired of waiting for an explanation of how Paul Dee got to preside over USC’s fate in the middle of Miami’s decade of cocaine, funded abortions, free prostitutes and drugs for players from a booster with sideline access.

Today, the NCAA ruled that Ohio State would serve a one-year bowl ban and add 4 scholarships to the 5 they “self sanctioned”.  And they hit Jim Tressel in the nuts with the NCAA equivalent of the scarlet letter (how appropriate given OSU’s colors).

So, for USC’s crimes:  30 schollies, 2 year bowl ban.
For Ohio State’s crimes:  9 schollies, 1 year bowl ban.

This is just the latest in the NCAA’s final stand to claim any sort of control over their business that they still won’t admit is a business.

We have a term for that in my group of friends that we’ve borrowed from the hip hop artists of our youth.  Wolf tickets.  They are selling wolf tickets.  They are selling a product that doesn’t exist.

Self-sanctioning is bullshit.  USC self-sanctioned when OJ Mayo’s handler got paid $1000 and the NCAA leveraged it into an overall school compliance issue.  Let’s go with their apples to oranges discussion point, because frankly it makes them look dumber than an asshole with a crumpled dollar bill continually trying to pay for Doritos at a vending machine.

USC was nailed for NOT KNOWING something they apparently SHOULD HAVE KNOWN in a dealing between a would-be agent and a player/player’s family.

Ohio State was nailed for covering up behavior for multiple players that would have resulted in violations and going out of their way to keep it a secret.

In fairness (which doesn’t apply with the NCAA), the monetary implications with OSU are far smaller than what Reggie Bush received.  On the other hand, the head coach of OSU was caught repeatedly evading the NCAA.  They tried to cover it up.

Part of me feels somewhat vindicated that at least this resembles what USC got, but it terrifies me that these clowns in Indianapolis will somehow let Miami off the hook using Penn State and possibly Syracuse as smokescreens.

When will USC get an explanation of how Paul Dee-led sanctions are credible?  How can we trust their dealings with Ohio State are credible?

Self-sanctions are a joke in this case because OSU didn’t do this until they KNEW they were getting caught.  A self-sanction in theory would be to say, “Oh no, our players are selling OSU contraband for profit, let’s suspend them for 4 games including the bowl, report it all right now and tack on 2 reduced scholarships”.   In that instance, you are coming clean and assisting the NCAA.

So tell me how on earth the NCAA has lost so much cred that they even accepted OSU’s self-imposed sanctions?  If you go out of your way to lie to me in a time where everyone knows you are selling wolf tickets and have about as much credibility as the drunk guy in the alley, I am going to accept your 5 schollies and RAISE you another 10 for patronizing me.

The NCAA has lost control.

And wait, it gets better.  Miami “self-sanctioned” by forfeiting a bowl berth this year AFTER they went 6-5.  They waited to see what kind of season they had before trying to sit out a year.  They had BS suspensions for the current players involved.  By the time the NCAA get around to sanctioning them, it will be essentially what USC got because Miami will have given up so many things that didn’t matter, they will look harsh on paper but in reality, be paper tiger sanctions.

I am so disgusted by the NCAA that I have resorted to praying to all Gods made available to me that Matt and TJ come back because I want a national title now.  I have always said I only care about the Rose Bowl, and that is true, but in this case, I want the title because a top five finish only begins to rub the NCAA’s face in it.

They need to see that even their punishments mean nothing.

Take your time, NCAA.  I’ll be hear waiting to call wolf tickets when you screw up again.  It’s not that I wanted OSU to be more penalized than us because I hate Ohio State.  Hell, I am too young to remember what it’s like to lose to them.  To me, they are just a middle of the road academics school in a city I’d never live in that loves football and loses to USC like the rest of the Big 10.  I don’t wish anything personal on them.

I just wanted you guys to make some sense for once.  I wanted an explanation so we could finally just say definitively that you have no idea which way is up.  I wanted you to nail them for 3 years and 40 total schollies over 4 years and say if USC should have known, you DID know.  Then when Miami gets ripped, it should be for 7 years and 70 schollies because they should have known and probably did and worse, doled out punishment without looking in the mirror.

And then Penn State needs to lose football for a decade.

I want to see you guys make sense.  Otherwise, I’ll fight you to the death and frankly, everyone is on my side.

One last quip.  You let them hire Urban Meyer, who first recruited Cam Newton, but you punish Tressel. You let the Cam Newton thing go so easily and the whole world knows what happened.  You have him on record saying MSU couldn’t pay what Auburn did and magically, Auburn did nothing?  And if this kid asked for money at everywhere he’s been and previously SIGNED with Florida, you are telling me Meyer didn’t pay?

Wolf tickets, NCAA.  Wolf tickets.



I misread the schollie reductions.  Reread this post with the knowledge that now I believe this is complete and utter bullshit, not just wolf tickets.



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Everyone Cheats.

Two days ago, USC head basketball coach Tim Floyd stepped down from his post at the Galen Center for “personal reasons”.  These personal reasons seemed to be that he “personally” delivered $1000 dollars to former USC point guard O.J. Mayo’s handler for the “reason” that he wanted the young baller’s services.


here's ten bucks kid.  buy yourself some licorice.

here's ten bucks kid. buy yourself some licorice.


You get the feeling that big money college programs are always spending money to get their players.  You think, I saw the movie Blue Chips with Shaq and Nick Nolte and that sexy old chick who was in Dances with Wolves.  I know what is up.  To get a poor kid from Chicago to come to school, you got to get his mother a house.  To get a rural kid from Indiana, you got to get him a tractor for his “Paw” and a duffel bag with 25 Gs in it.  To get Shaq, you need to get a MILF to tutor him and kick him the keys to a 1997 gold Lexus.

That’s how it works.  

So when you hear Reggie Bush is getting questioned, you don’t question it.  It’s like steroids.  Everyone is doing it.  When Tim Floyd got nailed though, I started to think things through.  I had some strange feelings.  Like puberty, just not as exciting.

Then this morning I see Alabama is going to have to give back wins.  At least 10 football victories are coming off the books, possibly up to 21.  How is this possible?  Did they buy a shit ton of tractors, houses for mothers and Lexuses (Lexuses?  Lexi?  Lexiera?)?

No.  They gave the kids free school books.  Bama got nailed for giving athletes from 16 different teams free textbooks.  Nailed.  I sat back for a minute and realized the NCAA is clearly not even trying to find anything.  How could they be?


re-enactment of her indie film with Ray J.

re-enactment of her indie film with Ray J.



For two years every kid with a stick, a helmet, high tops or a glove got their books for free.  Clearly, the school knew it was giving out 40K in free words (that I am sure the players never even read and sold back to the school at the end of the semester).  I mean, is this the kind of thing it takes two years to figure out?   Fail.

A part of me thinks Tim Floyd will get off.  He will not coach again soon (unless UCLA is hiring… Neuheisel, cough, cough), but will he get nailed?  I am not sure even with a report that Floyd HIMSELF handed O.J.’s homie $1000 in cash.

People wonder why Reggie Bush and USC football never got caught.  Pete Carroll is better at his job that these spyhunters from the NCAA.  How good does he have to be?  Not very.  Just let someone else bring the jock the money.  Then you are good.  Also, limit it to one guy a year.

I guess my point is the NCAA is good for one fucking thing.  Preventing anyone from infringing on their business.  Who cares if former Colorado WR Jeremy Bloom could have helped the US Olympic skiing team with a gold?  That asshole is taking money.  No, he is using skis sponsored by whoever sponsors the ski team.  Let’s have a playoff system and have a true champion!  Nope.   We like the millions we make off things like the Proctor and Gamble Monistat 7 Yeast Bowl.

It makes you appreciate baseball where your only question is how many more horse steroids and horse pain pills can these guys take before they can hit a ball over the center field wall with a bunt and then feel no pain when a line drive connects with their nuts.

Whatever.  Lakers in 6.

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