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Did Penn State Get What It Deserved? A Trojan’s Take.

I admit to the brief moment of bloodlust when I heard the NCAA would be imposing sanctions on Penn State, despite this case having nothing to do with the NCAA’s laws regarding the line of pro and amateur athlete (apologies if you spit coffee through your nose laughing at the absurdity that the NCAA actually has a hand in that now).  I mean, this was a criminal case, not a case of amateurism in question.  This wasn’t the NCAA’s court.

I admit that I briefly felt what I preach never to feel:  That we want someone else to go through what the NCAA put on us for no reason that could hold up in any court of law.  I wanted someone who actually did something nefarious to experience a punishment worse than the baffling one given to us.

The truth is, I came off that high of wanting spilled blood and frayed blue and white scarves cut from the neck of Nittany Lions.  I mean, let’s be real. Is there any worse feeling than saying you are a Nittany Lion right now?  Nittany as a word is damned because so few outside of Happy Valley (worst name for a place that now is synonymous with child rape) know what it means.  Now, like Happy Valley, it’s just a weird East Coast word that reminds us of innocent children being abused in football locker rooms.  Dirty deeds in showers meant to wash away dirt.  Nittany is now a dirty word.

So, massive scholarship reductions for four years, 60 million in cash (the approx. revenue of a college football season for any of you still thinking this isn’t a business), a four year bowl ban and over a decade of forfeited wins (don’t worry, USC kicked their ass both times they faced so we didn’t cost anyone anything).  Players can transfer at will.  Hell, the running back might be coming to USC where the showers are for showering.  It’s a walking death penalty.  Penn State, the college football equivalent of a zombie and equally as creepy.

I am conflicted in how I feel.  There’s some things we need to separate.

There’s the criminal case and there’s the football situation.

From a criminal standpoint, the main call for justice was Batman’d and Jerry Sandusky is going to be in jail long after he’s dead.  Also, if you’ve seen any movies about prison, being a rapist isn’t a good thing.  Being a child rapist, even worse.  Especially when you are with murderers at a lunch table.  When you got someone looking to kill someone, that someone who raped children might be the someone that makes the most sense to whack.

There will be more criminal and civil investigation, heads will continue to roll and my sincerest hope is that this somehow gives the victims some modicum of peace, although I doubt any amount of money or justice can scrub your mind clean.  We aren’t hard drives.  There’s no delete button.

So let’s talk about the football program.

Do I think they NCAA got it right?

It’s complicated because they did although I don’t know how you think something is right coming from someone who by virtue of their very DNA cannot be right.  When you enter into the NCAA’s jurisdiction, you basically agree they can do whatever they want whenever they want.  Anyone who didn’t believe that does now after they nailed USC to the goalposts with 2 years of bowl bans, 30 schollies, free transfer rights despite the case being five years of soft evidence leveraged by Paul Dee, a man who probably died from guilt for condemning a program for needing high profile compliance when he was the Athletic Director of Miami.

Not to overblow things, but given the Nevin Shapiro hammer that will need to drop eventually, having Paul Dee preside over a compliance case is like having Sandusky preside over a kiddie porn trial.  I am not using hyperbole.  Nevin Shapiro paid for cocaine for players over a decade.  He got them hookers.  He even paid for an abortion for a player.  Improper benefits if I have ever seen them.  And this dude wasn’t a sports agent on the outside.  This guy was a booster.  He was on the field.  He was this fucking guy:

Yep.  The same guy who let a cocaine dealing, sex yacht chartering booster on the field for over a decade was the man leading the charge against USC leading to their sanctions.  You can’t make this shit up.  That’s why it’s hard to know how to feel about the NCAA hammering Penn State.

This is the NCAA.

We should be pissed anytime they judge anyone, even if Penn State was dirtier than a piece of pizza you find under your dorm couch (Paul Dee would have eaten it he is so corrupt, don’t ask me what Sandusky would have done with it and Paterno, well, he’d have looked the other way and ignored the pizza casually mentioning it to the maid who doesn’t speak English).

The Penn State football program needed to get hit hard, but it should have come from the school itself.  It should have come the minute Sandusky was found guilty.  They should have SHUT DOWN ALL ACTIVITIES for a year or two.

Here’s why.

FOOTBALL was the reason no one stood up and followed through.  If the women’s golf coach had raped little girls in the shower, does anyone think for a second they wouldn’t have strung that guy up in two minutes?  Of course they would because when women’s golf gets shut down, you don’t lose 60 million dollars in revenue.  It’s easy to make a stand until you realize you are cutting your own leg off.

And that’s why this got out of control.  That’s why the truth was ignored, overlooked, assumed dealt with, you name it.

Now, the NCAA stepped in and there’s no precedent set for them putting play penalties based on criminal acts.  I mean, think about it.  Oregon QB Jeremiah Massoli robbed someone, but it didn’t end up in sanctions for Oregon (of course neither did paying for influence with recruits).  The grandeur of these heinous PSU crimes is causing us all to freak out.

Paul Dee

It’s actually the death penalty (the actual death penalty) argument.  There’s a mistake in people who don’t understand why people are against killing a man who committed an unspeakable crime.  Without getting into my own opinion, I understand intellectually the argument anti-death penalty people try to make.  Sure, the rapist deserves to die, but should the government be in charge of doling out punishment?  Does the government ever get it wrong?  Has anyone ever been later released who was wrongfully incarcerated?  That’s the argument.  Not that someone shouldn’t die, but rather should a flawed system be doling it out?

I’m writing about football, my opinion on the previous point has nothing to do with how it applies here.  Besides Second Mile and Penn State, tell me another organization involved in this more corrupt than the NCAA?  I’m with Penn State being punished, but why by the NCAA?  We shouldn’t be so impressed with them.  I don’t trust them and them doing something to satisfy their fans feels like it is about business and preserving football, not reminding us that it is a game.

I get making them give back the money.  That’s right.  I get the ceremonial vacating of wins (doesn’t mean much), but I am sorry…  The NCAA is doing it again.  They are setting a precedent that makes no sense and will not tie into anything else.  They are throwing darts and making it harder for schools to comply in the absence of governance anyone can understand.

If we want to look at it reasonably, if USC got what it got for a “culture of non compliance” and basically one player taking money from a 3rd party (not USC or related to USC), you’re saying what Penn State got equals dozens of counts of child rape and looking the other way?  That’s the problem with this.

Reggie Bush takes money from a shady businessman and USC doesn’t know (or if you hate USC, let’s just go the distance and say they knew and ignored it).   That was good for 2 years of bowl bans, vacated wins, transfer rights, reduced scholarships and so on.   Let’s assume you think USC should have known, screwed the pooch and did everything they could to look the other way.

Are you telling me that serial child rape is only twice as bad?  Are you saying that what Penn State looked the other way on was even in the same universe as what USC was told they “should have known about”?   Not knew about and half-assed a report and then looked the other way.  SHOULD have known.

Penn State should not be allowed to be a university if we are trying to go apples to apples.  One of the punishments doesn’t fit the crime.  If we decide that it is okay for the NCAA to decide to rule on criminal action when it wants to, are we saying we are okay with them giving out random punishments whenever it wants?  Or not doing it at all (cough, cough Auburn)?

I’m not.  I think either Penn State got off easy or the NCAA needs to show the same balls they had in condemning Penn State after JoePa died and condemn the USC witch hunt now that Paul Dee is dead.  USC deserves and apology and since I know we aren’t getting one, I suggest we just take it in the form of winning all our games, locking up our #1 recruiting class and being glad that when sanctions are brought up, even if they look comparable on paper, ours are for not knowing about would-be agents as opposed to looking the other way about something insidious.

Mark Emmert

Unfortunately, with a governing body that has no process, there’s no chance there’s ever going to be equity in punishment or enforcement.  The NCAA and Mark Emmert bowed to the public sentiment.  Just like with USC.  People felt it wasn’t fair USC had celebs on the sidelines and treated it like a game and they got hammered with no precedent.  Penn State got the same thing.

But wait.  Am I saying Penn State was a victim?


Everyone is a victim to the NCAA, so if everyone is a victim, in a way, no one is.  

You should hate the NCAA for punishing Penn State.  You should hate Penn State for not punishing themselves.

That’s the core message.  Penn State got what it had coming, but it got it from the wrong people.  The NCAA is the last entity you want stepping in and going rogue because as Trojans know, the next time it might not make sense.  The next time, it might be bullshit.  Penn State needed to learn that football should be second to many, many things in life, especially the welfare of children.

There are still PSU faithful that are missing the point.  Ex players upset about the sanctions.  Fans upset about Paterno’s legacy being tarnished.  Hell, the Paterno family is on a quest to find a way to separate JoePa and the crimes he didn’t do everything in his power to stop.  That is the problem.  When you are the figurehead of a program, you should never look the other way with something like this.  This wasn’t a 20 dollar handshake.  This wasn’t a car or a new house for a parent.  This was harboring a criminal of the worst kind.

Penn State Nation should be furious they thought taking the statue down was enough.  They should be furious they didn’t beat the NCAA to the punch and knock themselves out like Ed Norton in Fight Club.  The more they protest or try to preserve legacy, the more the quicksand holds them.

People knew the USC sanctions were bullshit.  There’s truth in every lie.  Were we too cavalier?  Probably.  Were we arrogant (hell yeah) about calling the NCAA’s bluff?  You bet.  They hammered us anyway.

The thing is here, we got to see two monsters.  We got to see Penn State thinking they could have a vigil and say some nice words and then keep playing the game that was the reason they covered up the crimes.  We also got to see the NCAA randomly jump in and make a ruling again.  Even if the ruling was right, the judge was dead wrong.


The Bearfighter is back.  It is soon to be August.  The 2012 mission statement is almost ready.  Are you?




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Oregon Needs to Pick a Side

Let me be the first to clarify two points.  The first is, I don’t practice Schadenfreude, which is of course, the German word for enjoying the misery of others.  As much as I tease UCLA and as fun as it is to beat them 50-0, I admit I miss having a rival we were excited to play.  I root for UCLA to return to a level where they do more than tout “spoiling” a national title 6 years ago when a month later we just won the Rose Bowl (again) in their home stadium.  I want USC v UCLA to mean something.  If we’re ranked 1, I want them ranked 2 and I want to beat them every time.  Right now it’s like stepping on ants and I don’t really get off on that other than in a “damn, that was hilarious” sort of way.  And I come to football games to rock out, not laugh.  Go laugh in a Judd Apatow film.

The second point is that I don’t take any NCAA sanctions seriously because ultimately, they aren’t an organization to be taken seriously.  I mean, when a clown sprays water in your face out of a flower on his lapel, you don’t beat his ass because he is a clown and how seriously do you need to take a confusing, harmless attack from a clown.  For my drunk readers, I think the NCAA are clowns wearing clown shoes.

So let’s be clear.  Whatever Oregon did, whatever punishment they get, it doesn’t matter and I am not rooting for it based on wanting Oregon to be labelled cheaters.  I am not rooting for it because I think the NCAA will be serving any kind of justice in this or any sanctions situation.  I mean, Miami AD Paul Dee, who was letting a ten year cocaine-brothel-abortion-service-booze-cruise go on during his watch was the guy chosen to deem USC guilty of “needing” to know that Reggie Bush and his parents were taking thousands of dollars from a third party that had nothing to do with USC.  When you hire a murderer to be the judge at a murder trial, it’s sort of hard to take the whole thing seriously.

So basically, whatever Oregon gets, I doubt it has anything to do with student athletes, cheating or the like.  It will have only to do with the NCAA trying to hold onto control of something the world knows slipped through its greasy fingers:  credibility.

Here’s what I am rooting for to come out of the acceleration of Oregon’s recruiting saga woes.  I am rooting for Oregon to get labeled with things similar to what USC got labeled with.  I am rooting for this because after years of writing this blog, I have found the Oregon Duck fan to be the most delusional fan there is west of the SEC.

This is a generalization to be sure.  I know many Ducks that are awesome people, great adversaries in football conversation and prognostication, but when you look at the comments I’ve received over the years on this blog, Oregon’s bottom of the barrel lies somewhere deeper than the wreckage of the Titanic.

So before I continue, if you are a rational Oregon fan, understand that I don’t think you guys did anything that wrong and whatever penalty you get doesn’t mean anything to me.  If they made you vacate wins, I wouldn’t assume you lost those games.  This is addressed to your insane masses that somehow made the grade enough to avoid becoming a Beaver and learned how to comment on this blog.  Making sure we’re clear.  Yes I will drink northwest beer with you cool Oregon fans at the Coli this year.  Please just keep the extras from Deliverance away from me.

The Oregon fanatic is a crazy specimen I have been studying for years.  There are complicated mathematical formulas guiding selective memory at play.  Oregon doesn’t want to talk about “program history”, so do not ever try to use the argument that winning dozens of Rose Bowls over the course of a century means anything to them.  History includes all years prior to 2008.

The Oregon fan considered 2008 on as the only thing that mattered because it is the present (I never bothered to explain how 2008 was in fact, in the past) until last year of course, where Oregon lost to USC at home without ever possessing the lead.  Then, the present included their “triumph” over UCLA in the Pac 12 “championship” and their stirring nailbiter against a Big Ten team earning them a Rose Bowl, which was their first ever considering the last one they won wasn’t even called a Rose Bowl it was so long ago.

So the present was everything from 2008 on except for the loss in Eugene which didn’t count because of bad clock management (because clock management failure is a fluke as all football fans know *choking on sarcasm*), a kick that should have gone in (because college kickers are automatic, right?) and because if there were five more minutes Oregon would have won (which there would have been if the kicker hit the FG and we went into the magical land of overtime, football’s convenient answer to games that need five more minutes to decide a winner).

Do not mention to them that USC traveled a severely reduced squad due to sanctions preparation that probably contributed to letting a 34-14 lead dwindle or the fact that USC fumbled a botched hand-off on the way into the endzone (or at least a chip shot FG) because those things weren’t factors, that was just Oregon being “the better team”.  Naturally, the better team usually spots a 34-14 lead at home, mismanages the clock and misses clutch field goals against a squad short on replacements…

So, when Oregon snuck out a press release on Friday before the world went out to drink and meet attractive people detailing basically that they are in negotiations with the NCAA on their punishment, I couldn’t help but laugh at the dates.  2008-2011.  From my scientific analysis of the amoebas that latch onto my Oregon articles (soon to include this one no doubt), those are the exact dates of the only time in college football history Oregon counts.  I don’t care about a bowl ban, I don’t care about scholarship reductions, we’ve already beaten them with half a deck.  I care about the most meaningless penalty associated with NCAA sanctions.  I am talking about a penalty so stupid, only idiots could care about it.

I’m talking vacated wins.

Oregon is going to great lengths to kiss some NCAA ass in hopes of a lesser sentence.  Nike is working overtime to make calls to protect the school they dressed in ass-backwards uniforms so colorful the world couldn’t ignore them.  I have zero doubt that despite the fact the “failure to monitor” term is being tossed around like in the Ohio State case, they will get even less of a slap on the wrist than tOSU did.  I am expecting this to be something AT MAX like probation, maybe a 1 year bowl ban and possibly some ceremonial loss of scholarship(s) that wouldn’t dent a paper airplane.

The recruiting services listed (3 of them) include one that helped scout LaMichael James.  This means that it is at least possible that they will need to forfeit wins from games he helped him win from the time of offense, which being that this is recruiting-based, should count all games he played in (as opposed to Reggie Bush whose impact was counted from the time he took benefits).

Willie Lyles and LaMichael James.  Don't call it a Seastrunk only issue.

There is a possibility to make the sanctions seem more stringent, they will vacate wins.  3 Pac 10/12 championships, wins against USC and their precious Rose Bowl.

Now, USC never bat an eye at this for a couple of reasons.  One, it’s really dumb to vacate wins because everyone knows who won.  It’s just for history books and in the end, this period in history is going to be remembered as the fall of the NCAA, not anything else.  Hell, I feel bad for Oregon because now they are dating the crazy girl.

The other reason USC never tripped out was the we played in national titles in both years we vacated wins.  The first time, the AP didn’t make us give up our title.  Given the 2003 split title the NCAA recognizes on their own website where the AP deemed USC the champions and LSU the BCS champions, why on earth would USC un-claim the 2004 title where they were stripped of the BCS title, but not of the AP.  If the AP was good enough for 2003, it is good enough for 2004.  I mean, the NCAA is so screwed up they still list USC as the 2004 BCS champion on their website without an asterisk.  I mean, between that and Paul Dee presiding over the USC hearings, I think the NCAA is the institutional control issue.

You can't make this sh*t up.

As for 2005, we didn’t win the title, so vacating a loss doesn’t mean much.  Basically, in USC’s case, vacating wins didn’t mean we lost a national title claim and it isn’t like any team we beat suddenly felt like they won.  Combine that with the normal winning mentality USC has (see our preseason rankings), and we didn’t trip (and yes the bearfighter played a role in that arrogance).

Oregon is in a different boat.  The AP ranking means nothing when it comes to bowl wins.  While USC was deemed #1 when the AP didn’t strip their championship trophy even though USC vacated a Rose Bowl win, Oregon never won a title.  There is no AP help.

If Oregon vacates their Rose Bowl, they are Rose Bowless.  They will have to vacate their Pac championships.  Their selection slice of relevant history will not exist in “the books”.

While I don’t give a shit about the books, I have never been so sure they would suffer from LSU-itis.  They will never get over the fact that it “wasn’t fair”.

Meanwhile, no school has called USC cheaters more, no school has tried to enjoy USC’s supposed setbacks more than Oregon.  When my high school baseball coach saw a friend of mine pump his fist after hitting a home run, he chewed him out and said “act like you’ve been there before”.  Now, that coach was a huge dick, but acting like you been there before is a good concept for a program trying to make a point they belong.

As the bearfighter often gets to, I sit on the veranda watching the approaching shit storm enjoying what either outcome is.  In USC’s case, I predicted everything that would happen either way our sanctions hearing went.  I said if they let us off, we’ll enjoy another normal year of SC football.  If they hit us hard, I’ll draft a wildly successful blog and USC will win a ton of games anyway while the NCAA chokes away its control as the curtain gets peeled back to reveal the widespread filth they try to rationalize.  Either way I would be happy.  The road less traveled was better in this case.  Proof is that you are reading this.

In the Oregon case, I get the same joy.  Depending on what happens, Oregon fans will have to decide.  Is the NCAA full of shit or not?

I long to see their quacking faithful try to explain the differences between football programs and penalties.  This is Oregon getting in trouble for how they do business.  If “everyone is doing it”, then I guess USC didn’t do anything wrong either, did they Oregon?

If they admit they were wrong (which the athletic dept. at Oregon is sure going to great lengths to do, what cowards) then I guess they will own up to the fact the vacated wins were just.  I guess they will be Rose Bowless again.  I guess their 3 years Pac title streak didn’t count.  Wait, who was the last team to win the Pac 10 title before them?  Oh wow.  It was USC…

So wait, if they vacate wins and USC wins this year, I guess our consecutive streak might resume?

The possibilities are totally endless.  The end result for me is that I really don’t care.  The NCAA is a joke as an institution.  That said, what I look forward to is watching a mid-level program that is just figuring out how to play on the national stage with a fan base that can’t act like they’ve been there before (because they haven’t) come to terms with the possibility that according to a system they used to condemn USC, they in fact have actually been on a 3 year losing streak in which they dressed up like idiots for nothing.

Now by all means.  Discuss.  Can’t wait.  I don’t have a dog in the fight.  After all, we beat Oregon last year and I’m sure Lyles was doing things clean just like the NCAA’s investigation…

Guessing the link to buy Oregon Rose Bowl gear is so fans can get them while they are still factual?



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NCAA Pulls Out Toy Hammer Against Ohio State

Really, guys?

I’m tired of the media and the NCAA trying to explain how USC’s penalties and OSU’s are apples to oranges.  I’m tired of waiting for an explanation of how Paul Dee got to preside over USC’s fate in the middle of Miami’s decade of cocaine, funded abortions, free prostitutes and drugs for players from a booster with sideline access.

Today, the NCAA ruled that Ohio State would serve a one-year bowl ban and add 4 scholarships to the 5 they “self sanctioned”.  And they hit Jim Tressel in the nuts with the NCAA equivalent of the scarlet letter (how appropriate given OSU’s colors).

So, for USC’s crimes:  30 schollies, 2 year bowl ban.
For Ohio State’s crimes:  9 schollies, 1 year bowl ban.

This is just the latest in the NCAA’s final stand to claim any sort of control over their business that they still won’t admit is a business.

We have a term for that in my group of friends that we’ve borrowed from the hip hop artists of our youth.  Wolf tickets.  They are selling wolf tickets.  They are selling a product that doesn’t exist.

Self-sanctioning is bullshit.  USC self-sanctioned when OJ Mayo’s handler got paid $1000 and the NCAA leveraged it into an overall school compliance issue.  Let’s go with their apples to oranges discussion point, because frankly it makes them look dumber than an asshole with a crumpled dollar bill continually trying to pay for Doritos at a vending machine.

USC was nailed for NOT KNOWING something they apparently SHOULD HAVE KNOWN in a dealing between a would-be agent and a player/player’s family.

Ohio State was nailed for covering up behavior for multiple players that would have resulted in violations and going out of their way to keep it a secret.

In fairness (which doesn’t apply with the NCAA), the monetary implications with OSU are far smaller than what Reggie Bush received.  On the other hand, the head coach of OSU was caught repeatedly evading the NCAA.  They tried to cover it up.

Part of me feels somewhat vindicated that at least this resembles what USC got, but it terrifies me that these clowns in Indianapolis will somehow let Miami off the hook using Penn State and possibly Syracuse as smokescreens.

When will USC get an explanation of how Paul Dee-led sanctions are credible?  How can we trust their dealings with Ohio State are credible?

Self-sanctions are a joke in this case because OSU didn’t do this until they KNEW they were getting caught.  A self-sanction in theory would be to say, “Oh no, our players are selling OSU contraband for profit, let’s suspend them for 4 games including the bowl, report it all right now and tack on 2 reduced scholarships”.   In that instance, you are coming clean and assisting the NCAA.

So tell me how on earth the NCAA has lost so much cred that they even accepted OSU’s self-imposed sanctions?  If you go out of your way to lie to me in a time where everyone knows you are selling wolf tickets and have about as much credibility as the drunk guy in the alley, I am going to accept your 5 schollies and RAISE you another 10 for patronizing me.

The NCAA has lost control.

And wait, it gets better.  Miami “self-sanctioned” by forfeiting a bowl berth this year AFTER they went 6-5.  They waited to see what kind of season they had before trying to sit out a year.  They had BS suspensions for the current players involved.  By the time the NCAA get around to sanctioning them, it will be essentially what USC got because Miami will have given up so many things that didn’t matter, they will look harsh on paper but in reality, be paper tiger sanctions.

I am so disgusted by the NCAA that I have resorted to praying to all Gods made available to me that Matt and TJ come back because I want a national title now.  I have always said I only care about the Rose Bowl, and that is true, but in this case, I want the title because a top five finish only begins to rub the NCAA’s face in it.

They need to see that even their punishments mean nothing.

Take your time, NCAA.  I’ll be hear waiting to call wolf tickets when you screw up again.  It’s not that I wanted OSU to be more penalized than us because I hate Ohio State.  Hell, I am too young to remember what it’s like to lose to them.  To me, they are just a middle of the road academics school in a city I’d never live in that loves football and loses to USC like the rest of the Big 10.  I don’t wish anything personal on them.

I just wanted you guys to make some sense for once.  I wanted an explanation so we could finally just say definitively that you have no idea which way is up.  I wanted you to nail them for 3 years and 40 total schollies over 4 years and say if USC should have known, you DID know.  Then when Miami gets ripped, it should be for 7 years and 70 schollies because they should have known and probably did and worse, doled out punishment without looking in the mirror.

And then Penn State needs to lose football for a decade.

I want to see you guys make sense.  Otherwise, I’ll fight you to the death and frankly, everyone is on my side.

One last quip.  You let them hire Urban Meyer, who first recruited Cam Newton, but you punish Tressel. You let the Cam Newton thing go so easily and the whole world knows what happened.  You have him on record saying MSU couldn’t pay what Auburn did and magically, Auburn did nothing?  And if this kid asked for money at everywhere he’s been and previously SIGNED with Florida, you are telling me Meyer didn’t pay?

Wolf tickets, NCAA.  Wolf tickets.



I misread the schollie reductions.  Reread this post with the knowledge that now I believe this is complete and utter bullshit, not just wolf tickets.


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