zack the bearfighter

I’m Zack.

french quarter, new orleans, louisianna, 6:04 am

By trade I am a digital/social media strategist and have worked at top agencies including Saatchi & Saatchi and TBWA\Chiat\Day on all kinds of top-tier brands.  Currently, I am managing a division at a video games publisher and applying similar skills.

Some of you may know me from my days in the band Fight From Above, in which I played a low caliber of lead guitar.  In our music video, I am the one pouring whiskey onto the 110 Freeway, which I have also done in real life.

west hollywood, california, 11:37 pm, hand digitally rendered

I used to be a contributor to LAist, especially during baseball season, but now that Magic owns the team, I’m relaxed and can just watch the sport.  It’s like being at the beach for me.

I write this blog for fun and for no other reason.  I do charge for speaking engagements, but that’s to be expected.  No ads on here, no sponsors.  Just pure whatever the hell I am currently thinking.

I am the creator of Arrogant Nation, Lane Fucking Kiffin, Bro, Bowls Are For Salads and You Can’t Sanction The Endzone.  These are all my intellectual property.  Your printing them on t-shirts is flattering, but stop acting like a Bruin and come up with something yourself.  I won’t sue you, I’ll just take your picture, post it here and describe you.  Not sure what’s worse.  Check out this year’s lineup HERE.

I’ve survived melanoma twice.  It sucks, but I am the bearfighter.  Fight til you win.

Oh yeah, there’s this…


***For any agents, managers, reps or groupies, feel free to email me at  I tend to be prompt, but please come with an idea and if you don’t read the blog, don’t expect me to post about your product I probably won’t use.  Or my readers.”

cosmopolitan, las vegas, nevada, time unknown

64 responses to “zack the bearfighter

  1. Michele

    Read your blog… you are hysterical..loved the food review of the Mexican
    restaurant. Will read more later!

    You should be a writer!

  2. Soshe

    Really enjoyed reading your blog! You are sharp and quick-witted. Keep it up!

  3. Mariana

    Hi Zack,

    I wanted to reach out to you regarding some new Nike Sportswear that we have. Possibly interested?


    Mariana Marron

  4. beth battaglia

    hey from your cousin in Chicago….I just hung up with your mom…she told me about everything going on…your amazing…my Christine is 20 and is
    heading to a concert lasting all weekend in michigan…she was just watching your video and was amazed…
    take care xoxo beth and fam pellegrino battaglia

  5. beth battaglia

    ok Christine said she is going to rothberry,mi…for a this weekend concert…

  6. BDawg

    Hi Zack;

    I just wanted to reach out to you to say that you need to use the “Douche” or “Douchy” more often. Its hip, funny and down right entertaining!


  7. Hi,

    You should email me and say hello.



  8. pat

    You are amazing – I love reading your stuff !!! You are one talented guy!!!

  9. Are you a writer? Do you allow guest posts? Nicely done, Steven.

  10. zOE

    you need a good hike

    i hear 8709V238712M

    this tells me you should do this one:

    you will learn something

    please tell me what happens

  11. An added benefit is the ability for the electronic smoker to smoke in virtually any place or any environment. Pubs, Clubs, restaurants, theaters

  12. Helen of Troy


    Is there a pic of you on this website? Also, are you w/in the age of 21-29?

    Fight fuckin’ On,

  13. Traveler

    You’re fuckin hilarious. Keep it up. For once I’m actually keeping up with reading a blog. And it’s not sucking ass.

  14. You always hear that guys named “Zack” won’t call after they have sex with you, but I’m not getting that vibe from you. This is a great blog. You’re hilarious. I left LA in 1998 and you are the first person to make me miss its ridiculousness.

  15. Hey Zack,

    I really like your blog.
    Do you blog about music around LA?
    I am a music industry major at USC and I produce electronic music, working with a variety of artists.
    If you do blog about music, take a listen to my soundcloud.


  16. Hey Zach,

    I am writing on behalf of (No Subject), a creative space located in Downtown Los Angeles. We put together events that seek to entertain, educate, and inform.

    We are excited to announce our next event, THE GARAGE SALE. We have partnered with Subports and PortalMRKT (an innovative new m-commerce company that allows you to ‘text to buy’ products instantly), 15 of the cities most creative people, and put together an installation wall /text-to-buy store.

    We would love if you could attend the opening night launch party at (No Subject). You can have a sneak preview of the installation!

    We will be serving artisanal cocktails, music will be provided by Agency DJs, and there will be a photo booth section! The event really is something that needs to be seen, we hope you can make it.

    We have attached the invite, please let us know if you have any questions!


    Jackie + Chelsea

  17. Name

    Your blog is fucking awesome. I played baseball at USC and after 2 arm surgeries, this is about the only thing that keeps me from wanting to kill myself.

  18. Alex Bozzo

    I know this is a little late but I thought this was a sad attempt at being arrogant:

  19. Christina N

    your legacy lives on at SC, come join us at the 90 we’ll buy you drinks


    Just found your blog and love it. I’m an SC alumni and left LA a year ago. You made me miss the strange yet beautiful irony the city is. Keep up the awesome posts.

  21. steve

    like the blog.

  22. Andrea Whiting

    Zack, you’re killing me – I cover music for LA Weekly, I totally need a new blog name, and I thought I was wicked clever w/ “Lost Angeles.” Apparently not, and while I find this most tragic, I am enjoying your posts (despite my considerable lack of interest in the sporting world). So, carry/fight on.


  23. My frat is really interested in providing a service for your philanthropy event.

  24. Hey Zack

    You are introducing me to a new way of thinking, talking, walking, knowing, etcetcetcetc. I’ll try to catch up around Xmas.


  25. Been online since 1994
    1st Blog I’ve ever followed
    Fight on

  26. Bro

    This dude’s arrogantly ripping your arrogant style, brah:

  27. I recently stumbled across Lost Angeles and I’ve been incredibly impressed with how well written the articles are, as well as the in overall wealth of content. The in-depth analyses of University of Southern California athletics are fantastic and provide readers with a unique perspective on the current state of the Trojans. I am writing to request permission to every so often reprint an article or two from Lost Angeles and place it on my new website is designed as a single website that contains University of Southern California merchandise, apparel, and tickets. Ideally, in addition, I would like to incorporate articles pertaining to the Trojans. In including any content, I will clearly credit the author and provide a link to Lost Angeles. Hopefully, the relationship would be mutually beneficial and would drive additional traffic, thus increasing the viewership of both our websites. Thanks for your consideration.

  28. Matthew Citron

    Shared your site with my USC Marshall MBA class… Great stuff, bro. LFK, bro.

  29. Win4Ever


    Your blog is the best thing next to actually watching a USC game. I’m getting all my buddies at Sigma Chi at USC to read your blog. I’m sure they will buy you a drink or two at the 9-hole.

  30. You my friend are the fuckin man…You drink like I do…And you hate the Bruins with the same veracity as I do…I will tattoo your blog address to the back of my eyelids so that I do not forget…Keep hunting the Bear…And a Lane Fuckin Kiffin to you as well!!!

  31. Just read about your cancer on the Barkley stay blog and I want so say as going thru it myself more power to you for doing what you do… not only fighting bears…

  32. Denny

    I was born down the street from The Forum, had my first semester at SC during the Rodney King Invitational, worked in Pacific Palidsades, and had to leave LA in ’04. Your blog has made me miss the glorious clusterfuck that is the ciudad.

    Keep it arrogant, keep it cancer-free, and we’ll see you next year for 13-0.

  33. Never stop writing about ZBOW. You are brilliant. And I should know. I went to USC too. Keep it up.

    PS. If you can tell me how your wife got you to watch the Bachelor, I think it would really help my own relationship.

    • Zack Jerome

      High praise, thank you. My wife had friends over and they were screaming at the tv like I did during football games. I sat down and it reminded me of dating in high school.

  34. Ron Smith

    Bitchin place.
    Date that!

  35. Hey Zack you should do recaps of Sweet Home Alabama also site below were from season 2 women..they are near all hotter chicks then the Bachelor women.

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  37. alixiepoobear

    Hey I’m a DG at USC and I saw you speak for our Lectureship event. Your hilarious blog encouraged me to start my own! Thanks!

  38. Olivia Marie

    Zack you are so damn witty!! I’m pretty much smitten with this blog of yours!

  39. Simone

    I just recently discovered your blog through that Huffington Post link and you are f-ing hilarious! I love your Bachelorette recaps! I would actually like to read your recaps from the older seasons but it’s kind of hard to navigate through your blog and find these. Would be great if you could add links to those on the sidebar 🙂

  40. betterthanyou

    hey zack, nobody gives a shit that you go to USC and are obsessed with your rivalry with UCLA (which I’ll admit you win when it comes to football…but that’s about it)

    besides, football is only slightly more entertaining than watching paint dry (aka baseball) and most people go to college for a real education. congrats on being a writer. it must take a lot of brains, huh?

    • Zack Jerome

      so why did you take the time to come here and read this and comment? also, why the pornographic fake email? it’s creepy to even type that word, dude.

  41. Nova

    do you think you could link me to your first article? its taking forever to find it

  42. Why visitors still make use of to read news papers when in
    this technological globe all is accessible on web?

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  44. I’ve been plugging your blog on Facebook in great anticipation of the slaying of tarts…..can’t wait!!

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